Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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We had a great Halloween weekend. The kids were SO excited to wear their costumes and actually lucked out and had a few different occasions to show them off. We went to Ava's school's Harvest Party on Friday, then on Saturday took off to Portland for the Toy Story 3 show of Disney on Ice. The kids LOVED it, I honestly got choked up seeing the excitment on their faces when the show started. It was awesome. Then on Monday, we took the kids over to our annual Halloween party at the Vigelands. The kids made out like bandits trick-or-treating. I only wish I hadn't forgotten my camera!


Alexis Gradwohl said...

We are headed to Disney on Ice in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see Hayden's face! Did you make those costumes?

Blyth Family Blog said...

yes, made the cosutmes. I'm to cheap to buy the Disney ones :)

Lyndsy said...

They are just too cute. I love their final looks! So creative!

Mehul said...

It seems kids gave ultimate fun. They look cutest in this pictute. we want to see Disney on Ice this weekend. xo
~ Mehul
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