Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summertime, And The Livings' Easy...


It's easy alright. It's been summer here in Bend for the past month, and summertime in Bend means HOT summer days, spent at the pool, with these crazy kids. So, it's not as relaxing as a summer vacation, but it sure beats the cold.
How's that rain treating ya Seattleites?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance?

Well, Ava sure thinks she can!
And dance she did at her recital. Yup, the fam packed up to watch our little princess, and her cousin Jadyn Leigh, tear up the stage.
Ava's class was, well, lets just say they didn't look like they'd been listening too intently to their instructor the past 6 months...but they sure looked cute!
Jadyn's class, on the other hand, kicked butt. My little niece was in her element, a performer, just like her mama. She even did a cartwheel during her jazz performance. If only I got any of it on video.
I did, however, get lots of pictures!






So, I didn't get any video of the actual recital, but I did however, get some very exciting footage of the girls practicing in class. So, grab a cocktail (you might need a stiff one), sit back, relax, and watch a bunch of 4 year olds try to dance, in unison...brace yourselves folks, brace yourselves!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trip: Chelan, Idaho & Spokane (mixed with some rain, some sun, and some Karaoke)

A couple weeks ago, the kids and I packed up the car and made the long trek to one of my favorite places on earth, Lake Chelan. Coffey was nice enough to invite us to stay for a few days at her grandpa's time share at Wapito Point. I basically grew up in Chelan, we spent every summer there as kis, but I haven't been back there in forever! I was so excited to bring the kids to a place that holds so many special memories in my heart. We had a blast, even though it rained for an entire day! But, like every time I'm with her, Coffey and I found a way to have fun despite the rain, and even found some time in the sun!





After a great 3 days in Chelan, we drove to Ellensburg to meet up with Galen, said our good-buys to Coffey and Raleigh, and drove on to Spokane to visit these two (Colin and Kelly (soon to be Blyth)

We were also lucky enough to drive out to Athol Idaho to see Uncle Jason, Yvonne, and little Hallie (who isn't so little anymore)! Ava wasn't too impressed with Idaho, in fact, during our drive out there she said: "There's NOTHING here!!"
Here's Miles, Ava and cousin Hallie

Back in Spokes, I was so happy to get to see my long lost love Abbie. The kids were lucky enough to get to go to her son Hunter's birthday party as well.


And, unfortunately for the neighbors, and anybody watching us for that matter, we got down with a little Karaoke late night. Let's just say we were a little "tired" on the drive back to Bend!
Rock on Galen, Rock on.

A fun-filled ultra busy week indeed! I'm still catching up on my z's!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Graduate

Yikes! An entire month has passed since my last post. The Blyth Fam has been busy busy busy. I'm going to try and catch up on my posts one day at a goes...

I can't believe Ava will be off to kindergarten in the fall. About a month ago (yes a month, bad blogger, bad!) we sent her off in style at her big pre-school graduation. It was quite a performance including songs and dances, if only we had a better seat to get some video. Oh well. Just hum the graduation theme song in your head while looking at this post... "daaaa da da da daaaaa daaaaa, daaaa da da da daaaaa daaaaa....."


"Mommy, can you see me? I'm here!!! I'm right here!!!"

Wait, is that Stevie Nicks? Oh, nope, just the school's director.

Ava and her favorite teacher Miss Bobbie.

Here's what Ava teacher said about her favorite student: "we'll always remember Ava for all of her hugs and snuggles, her love of art and horses, and her inner and outer Diva!"

Congratulations to our little Diva. We are so proud of you!