Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hippity Hop

Some pics from our Easter Weekend...
Earth Day Clean Up on Friday...
It's amazing what you can find while picking up trash in the neighborhood. Her new favorite accessory.
Easter Eggs...
All ready for the big hunt
We've been on a sugar high since Saturday morning.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dining Room Update


I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself (and my very talented husband and Mommy). I couldn't be more pleased with our little dining room update! Our house isn't very big, but we always seem to have big groups of people over for dinner (okay, mostly drinks but we also eat dinner). I've been thinking about how to create a space where we could fit lots of people around a dining table, but not take up too much open space in the kitchen as well as not block the path to the back door...it took a long time creating this space in my head, but it was SO worth it!
Galen built the bench against the wall. It's great cause it created more much needed storage for me! Then my mom made the bench cushions and we created the tufted backboard. We used white vinyl for the backboard, buttons, and bench cushions! It is fantastic, any mess the kids make (and there are MANY) I just wipe the vinyl off with a wet cloth, genius! I'd love to take credit for this idea, but I just can't. Thank you Candice Olson...my decorating icon!
I ate many a meal off of this amazing table in my parent's house growing up. We used to call it the pirate table, I guess it was once on a ship. I have always loved it, and am so happy I can finally use it in my house! The chairs are white plastic, again, so easy to clean! I'm still on the look out for two end chairs, I'm thinking of something mid-century looking, natural wood or white. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.
Next, I found the two round lampshades at TJ max for $14 each, then got two pendent kits and had our electrician friend come and take the hideous rental looking chandelier out and hang these over the table. SO much better!
Lastly, mom took over again and made me these fabulous curtain panels out of fabric I found at Calico Corner on huge discount. She also made panels for our living room windows out of the same fabric (living room project is up next...good by old couch)!
I'm so happy with how it all turned out. I smile every time I walk into the living room and see our hard work! I'm so excited to host Christmas Dinner. Next up, I'm attempting to make some pillows for the banquette and the living room couches...with a little help from my Mom of course!




Monday, April 18, 2011

Party On Miles

We had Miles' birthday bash this past weekend. We were planning on having just small low-key family affair...but, anyone who know's how we roll, know's that's just not possible! We celebrated the first TWO years of MyMy's life with some of our closest family and friends... Babbie and Papa, Nonie and Grumpa, KyKy, Ole, JJ, Jakey,& Carson, Reid, Maria & Sadie, Sarah, Joe & Mads, Jackie, Smelly, Sammy & Wesley, and Uncle Ben and Nicole...exactly how it should be!

Miles got the present thing down pretty fast! Every time a new guest walked in, he would snatch the gift out of their hands and open it on the spot! And he got a TON, and all of it was either Toy Story or Thomas...we know our little man so much! Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate!!

Blowing out his candles (with a little help from cousin JJ)
Me and my Big Boy!
A kiss for Nonie
After all that fun...One TIRED Boy!

We were lucky enough to have Nonie and Grampa come down and stay with us!! The kids were SPOILED as usual :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



TWO. My oh my…how the years have flown by. I cannot believe you are TWO years old…and I have to admit I’m a little scared. We’ve seen glimpses of those “terribles” for a couple weeks now...and I’m beginning to think you’re a lot more like your Sissy than we ever expected. But, although I think Daddy and I are in for a crazy road ahead with you…it’s pretty awesome too…cause if you’ve got that same spunk your older sister does, I think you’ll do just fine in life. Sissy’s paved that road pretty well for you. Sigh.

So I was reading my birthday post for you last year, and I realized through my tears that you’re pretty much the same BUSY little person you were then...with a few minor exceptions...

Although you are still quite the manly man, I have to admit you do like your feminine accessories quite a bit. Sissy and I love to paint your nails, but princess heels are your favorite. So much so in fact that every time we go to Sadie’s house you run to her room searching for her shoosh (shoes), and when you find them, you promptly put them on and parade around the house in high heels, while carrying the rest of them with you like a briefcase. I’m not too sure what Dad thinks about this, but every time you do this I secretly hope you become the next Christian Louboutin.

Speaking of feminine, I think the female might be one of your favorite things. You love the ladies, and are quite the lady-killer. You bat those long lashes at every girl you see, followed by a sweet “hello” in your very raspy voice. It drives the chicks WILD.

You’re the P.I.M.P of daycare. Every time I pick you up there’s little girls all over you. Jen (your daycare teacher) told me the other day that your little girlfriend Kelsey even prays for you at night. Good on ya Miles, got her thinking about you right before bedtime.

You love going to daycare (you go 3 mornings a week). I’m so happy you never had separation anxiety. You love playing with other kids and (for the most part) get along with everyone all the time. On the days you don’t go to daycare, you ask me to go to “Jen’s House” about a hundred times a day (thanks a lot kid).

You love playing dress-up. You’ve got a Batman and a Superman costume with capes (from your sweet Nonie) and you insist on wearing them just about everyday. I’ve resorted to dressing you in those and then putting regular clothes over them, so your cape sticks out the bottom of your shirts. It's pretty funny. Between you in your capes and your sister in her "outfits" we get quite a few looks when we're out and about.

You are SUPER self sufficient. I hardly ever have to entertain you…you’re always thinking of things to do on your own (just like sissy) You love being outside (I’m so grateful for our big fenced in backyard!!)

You love music and dancing (again, just like your sister). You know the words to many a song, especially Soul Sister by Train. You LOVE that song. Every Monday when we take Sissy to ballet/tap class you are so jealous she gets to go to class. Most times you try to sneak in while I’m not looking.

You LOVE movies. Toy Story is your absolute favorite. The first thing you say to me in the morning when I come to get you out of your crib is “hi Mama” followed by “Toy Tody” (Toy Story). I try to keep it to a minimum of once a day…but sometimes you get lucky and watch it twice.

Your favorite word is WHY. You say it after anything I tell you. I say “let’s change your diaper” you say “why?” I say, “It’s time for bed” you say “why?” I say “it’s time for dinner” you say “why?” why why why why why. I don’t remember the “why’s” at this age with Ava. Maybe you learned that from her too. Your other favorite word is “Noway” I put no and way together cause that’s how you say it, all in one sound. You say “noway” every time we do something you don’t want to do, or when your sister makes you mad.

You respond to many names. MyMys, Brother, Bubbas, Mr. Miles, Mighty Mides, and of course Miles, or Miles Duncan if I catch you doing something bad.

You’re very polite. After anything I do for you, weather it’s get you crayons or change your diaper, you say: “dank-you Mama” it’s precious. Gets me every time!

You love to talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. You’ve always been a vocal kid, and could say words at a very early age, but in the past few months, you've blossomed into full conversation mode. When we’re driving in the car, I swear between you and Ava, I hardly get a word in. I love listening to you guys talk to each other, as long as you aren’t fighting with each other.

Your favorite toy is Thomas. You carry a train around with you EVERYWHERE you go, and sleep with it at night, along with your trusted BeeBee (your blue and brown blanket) of course. Your second favorite toy is your train table; you’ve spent hours standing at that thing.

Your favorite book is Goodnight Moon. You call it Moon, or Mouse, cause you love finding the mouse in every picture when I read it to you before you go to bed.

Your favorite food is Mac & Cheese. On the weeks I can’t get you to eat anything, I put Mac & Cheese on your plate and it’s devoured in seconds. Your least favorite food is peas (I feel you on that one buddy).

You love testing your Mom. You look right at me and do something naughty. And when I catch you, you pretend like you were doing nothing at all. When you get in trouble for something you put on your dough eyes, look down at the ground, and then back up at me. I think you learned that from Boots in Shrek, it’s so cute you pretty much get away with whatever you want, much to your sister’s dismay.

You love your dogs. I think Cali might actually be your favorite (weird I know). She’s taken to sleeping in your room at night, and actually coming out of our closet and going outside when you’re out there.

You also LOVE your Daddy. I think he might be your favorite person in the world. You wait for the sound of the garage door opening and yell “Daddy’s Ommm!” every night. I think seeing you and your sister at the door every night might just be the best part of his day. Then you both beg him to be a “monta” (that’s monster to people who aren’t in the know) and he proceeds to crawl around on the floor for half an hour growling while you both squeal and run away from him.

You are always down for a snuggle. If I’m sitting on the couch, you come running to me saying "nuggle!" then crawl up in my lap and lean your head against my chest, and you say “lub you Mama” my favorite part of the day.

Thank you little buddy. Thank you so much for filling me up each and every day. You are the most loveable, sweetest, kissable, cutest little kid (with a small dose of naughty) I’ve ever known. You are wonderful. Your mom and dad are so proud of you, and so amazed with you every single day. Happy Birthday My Mys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, hello there. It's been awhile, I know. It's not that we haven't been living a fun, exciting life around the Blyth household...just busy...between working and the kids I don't have much free time anymore...and the time I do get to myself I'd rather be sitting on my butt watching reruns of the Kardashians than using my brain to blog. But, I forced myself to sit down tonight and sort through the past couple of weeks, and a great couple of weeks we've had...
Semi-naked-wrapping-paper-roll-horse-races in the living room (notice the new banquette in the background...EEEEEK! post on that later)
65+degree weather equals lots of swing time in the backyard,
and teeter-toter time at the park.
A 70 degree day for my birthday party! Great for sitting in the sun...and getting a nice little burn before my party pics!
A great night celebrating the big 3-1 with all my favorite girlies,
And my favorite boys, especially this one.
You know it's a great party when...
1. the weather is nice enough to hang on the deck
2. the keg is kicked by 10pm.
3. after the keg is kicked you get really creative with the tequila and Malibu rum drinks (thanks alot Maria).
4. people start dancing on the counter tops
5. your kids sleep through the entire thing!
6. you start to wonder what happened to your husband around 11:00...and find him here...
7. in the morning, you wake up to grab your kid out of his crib and trip over 4 bodies on your way.
8. you cannot find your counter top due to all the debris
9. for some reason, your brain doesn't feel like it's been kicked in by a 700 pound elephant,
10. so you crack the champagne and continue on as usual...and do it all over again that night too. Happy Birthday to ME.

And, the day after that...a little golf at "our club" with the parents. Beautiful. Imagine how happy my husband was that he was getting to play golf on MY BIRTHDAY!
I came from pretty good genes.
Seriously pondering what club to use. And the only pic I got of Galen and I!
And, there you have it, our past days in a nutshell. I'll try not to be away so long next time...but I'm not making any promises!!