Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's Done It Again

So yesterday, we're in the coffee shop, and Ava points to the African American Man (how about that PC action?) and says: "Hey, you're Obama, the Prisoner of the United States of America!"

This is the second time she's mistaken someone for our great leader...but the first she's called him a prisoner.

On another's her latest masterpiece. A portrait of me. I'm in my high heels going to a bar at night to play with all of my friends.
mom portrait
So I posted this pic on Facebook last night, and it was SO funny to hear some of the comments from other mommies out there. Here are my favorites:

From my friend Nikki: Is that like when I went on the field trip to the grocery store with Will and the teacher asked what do your patents buy at the store? I had the only child that raised his hand and said mommy buys a lot of beer and wine!

From my friend Trisha: That's really cute. Emma did a report at school about me and said my hobbies were "yoga and going to Vegas".

Kids say the darndest things eh? Ava's really good at embarrassing me in the grocery store, especially when we walk down the tampon isle and she yells, "MOM, there's your kind of string cheese!" or when we walk past the beer isle and she yells: "MOM, don't forget the BEER" and then proceeds to point out Mommy's favorite beer and Daddy's favorite beer to anyone who's looking. Nice. Hey at least we're not still drinking Busch Light, right?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


JUMP da da da da da...for my love...JUMP IN da da da da da...Feel the touch...JUMP!



A pre-ballet class performance. This was my dance costume...many a year ago...before my parents pulled me out of dance class because they realized I. CAN. NOT. DANCE.
and yes, she wore this to ballet class.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Back

No, unfortunately we did not just get back from a tropical vacation, that would be a better excuse for ignoring my blog for the past couple of weeks...nope, what I mean by "we're back" is just that...we're back. Back from THE DEAD. All four of us got terribly sick with the stomach flu a couple weekends ago...and though the kids bounced back relatively quickly, we adults were still feeling the effects up until yesterday. Ugg, I don't want to think about it anymore. Gross. Gross. Gross.

So, we haven't been too exciting...but, a mama's work is never while we were sick, there were many a tea party



games of hide and seek

and skating performances in the garage


I hope the past two weeks have been more of a vacation than mine have fellow bloggers! This is one mama who's happy to be back!