Wednesday, February 23, 2011

XS or XL?

You be the judge.
Miles 22 months and his cousin Carson 14 months.
I wonder who would win in a wrestling match? Oh that's just mean. I would never let you wrestle this guy Miles, I think you'd be crushed in half second flat.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What a great Presidents Day Weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by Galen on Friday morning when he said I didn't have to work, and he was taking the day off as well to ski with his wife! We took the kids to school, and were off to Bachelor for a blue bird freshy pow-pow kind of day...Amazing...but my legs are still sore! On the way home, Galen decided we should close the office on Monday as well, being a holiday and we dubbed our long weekend our "Staycation."

We celebrated Jakey's 4th birthday on Friday night at the Vigeland house. Happy Birthday Big Boy. We love you!

Then on Saturday we played around the house, and watched the snow start to fall...and fall...and fall...and that afternoon headed out to Winterfest to watch the Rail Jam competition in the snow. It was a blast (thanks to our flasks to keep us warm. Don't worry, the kids kept very warm dancing to the band and running around like crazy people).

Sunday and Monday were quiet days...perfect for sledding, and the only other pictures I took all weekend! We found our own private family sled hill right in our neighborhood, and tore it up, Blyth style.







Suck it up Miles, just a little white wash! Poor little buddy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Funny...

How one day we're doing this...



And the VERY NEXT day, we're doing this...

Crazy eh?
We woke up to about 6 inches of un-predicted snow this morning. Great for the mountain, great for the kids, great for the snowman.
Not so great for our fence.


I guess we know what Galen will be doing this weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tap Star

So Ava's in tap class now and wow. What a natural. She must have her Mama's incredible dance skills.

After class I asked her to show me what she learned. I didn't see any of these moves being taught in class though.

Maybe she's just a non-conformist.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

I noticed Ava was thinking real hard about something, trying to figure something out in her head, looking very perplexed...

Me: What's up Aves

Ava: Mommy, so when Miles and I were borned (born), we just popped out of your tummy? Like BAM, POW (imagine her doing exaggerated hand motions from her stomach here) BAM! Your tummy just broke open and we popped out?? Like BOOOOOM!!

Me: Well, you baby, you came out of my vagina.

Ava: With your PEE????? You PEEEEEED me out?

Me: No babe, there's two holes down here, a pee pee hole and, a baby hole...

Ava: Oh, okay.
All relieved and happy with that explanation...she walks over to her Dad and says:
Daddy, guess what? I popped out of Mommy's VAGINA!!!
Aren't kids suposed to ask questions like these when they're like 7 not 4?

Can someone tell me why I can tell my daughter the truth about something like that but can't tell her that she's eating chicken or cow for dinner?

On another note...I had big plans for a post about our weekend of firsts, but, the video I had of Ava riding her bike WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS was deleted on accident. Yes folks, NO training wheels. She's a big kid now, and SO excited about it. And, the other big news...Miles went pee pee IN the potty this weekend! He's actually done it three times now, and went POO in the potty this morning! Yup, a big week at the Blyth household. Fingers crossed the potty training continues at this rate...can you say NO MORE DIAPERS? I can't wait.