Thursday, October 28, 2010

Witchcrafty, a Kitty Pumpkin, and SNOW??

My warm summer weather blew out with the leafs last week, leaving us with cold rainy days...though I do like the change in seasons, it's hard to keep busy with two kids inside all day long! The cure for a boring rainy day? For Ava (and sometimes Miles) it's gettin crafty. Ava LOVES art projects, I hear "can we do a project?" about 100 times a day... So, we embarked on a pretty big one (for a 4 year old anyway)!
Here's my little Martha Stewart making her first paper mache project, a Halloween witch head.

After drying overnight, a few coats of paint...

TA-DA! The finished project. She cut (she cuts better than me I should ad. Me with a sharp object=trouble) and glued all the yarn for the hair, cut out the shapes for the hat (then I taped it together), glued the eyes, wart, and mouth on all by herself!

Isn't it just lovely?

Remember that HUGE pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch? In our house, the kids get the dirty job.

Ava is going to be a cat for Halloween, so naturally, she insisted on a kitty pumpkin. This is all Galen...remember what I said about me and sharp objects? It's especially bad when I try to stick a sharp object into a hard object like a pumpkin. Dangerous.

And, on Monday morning...we woke up to white stuff on the ground. So it's not the October snow storm of last year, but it's officially winter around here. Peace out Fall. It was nice of you to stay around for a week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Down on the Farm

We hit up the pumpkin patch today and got lucky...VERY lucky. It poured rain all last night and into this morning, poured even harder on our way out to Terrebone, poured even harder as we tured into D&D Ranch, and amazingly...the rain STOPPED when Galen turned off the car. This trip to the pumpkin patch was meant to, being we were the only people at the pumpkin patch today due to "the rain" we lived-it-up.

My little Central Oregon farmer

Meet our new family member. I've got a real thing for baby cows. Too bad I like steak so much.

Picking out the perfect pumpkin...

Mooooooooo. Miles meeting his very favorite animal face to face. Moo. MOOOOOO!

After a half hour...more MOOOOO!

Breakfast of champions, Kettle Corn.

Apparently Galen knows how to lasso a bull. I learn something new every day.

And...after a couple hours of petting wet beasts, splashing in puddles, rolling in the mud, and romping through fields of pumpkins...we headed to the car...and it began to rain. I'd say we got pretty lucky.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Baby Tour 2010 (and some other visits too).

The kids and I made another whirlwind trip up to Seattle this past weekend in order to meet some new additions to the family.

First up...beautiful little Avery Birds! We went over to Steve and Kimmy's house to watch the Coug game (but couldn't get it on TV) with them and the Deroun family. It was so fun to see everyone, and especially meet Baby Avery. She couldn't have been any sweeter! I think the kids liked her too, which is a very good thing considering they're stuck together for life!

Next baby stop...Brayden!! Our best friends Lolo and Dickie make some BEAUTIFUL children...which is really surprising since they are such an ugly couple. Could this kid get any cuter??

And last but not Johnny. Jess and Brian are the most relaxed new parents I have ever seen. Johnny was such a trooper and hung out with us for an entire night without making a peep. It's nuts how much this kid looks like his dad. He's absolutely precious. Yes Brian, I called you precious.

Another reason for going to Seattle was for the second annual birthday party for Dickie and Dan. We started off at the Woodinville Wineries (did you know they have an entire strip mall dedicated to wineries???) and then went out to dinner, and ended the night at 4am at the Vivaldi household. Yes, I said 4 AM! Ouch.

One of the birthday the LONGEST speech in history. Too bad I didn't get this on would've made some great YouTube!

The crew...VERY late night.

On our way out of town, we had to stop by Ms. Brown's house for a visit. I'm so happy to have such a wonderful "Grandma" in my life. I only wish we lived much, much closer!!

Whoa...what a weekend! Busy Busy Busy, and happy to be back home with Dad...but Seattle, I miss you already!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Real Man...

Ain't afraid to wear PINK!

This is how Miles likes to roll these days. Making his Daddy very proud, very proud.