Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stay Classy San Diego...

We're Baaaaaack! And oh-so tired! Time for a vacation. Wait, weren't we just on vacation? 9 days of fun in the sun, 9 nights of waaaaay too much fun...Oh how I missed you San Diego, but oh how times have changed since we lived there so many years ago...newly married, no kids, never got hang-overs, not a care in the world...those were the days...but I digress, lets get back to the here and now...San Diego 2010...a vacation to celebrate my dear hubby's 30th birthday with the entire Blyth clan!!

Ava was SO excited to get on that plane. She laughed so hard and so loud during take off, it was hysterical.

Our first stop, Temecula to visit our dear friends Becca and Jake and their 2 beautiful boys Grayson and Jamison

After a weekend with Becca and Jake, it was off to the BEACH! Hello sand, sun and surf!

The Blyth Boys ready to PARTY.

Ava dressed well for a day at the beach.

Galen and Jason turned the BIG 3-0. To celebrate, we rented a party bus to take us up to the Del Mar Horse Races. What a BLAST! Ava and Miles couldn't believe they didn't have to wear seat belts!

Shaunny came down from Denver to celebrate with us. The lovers reunite.

Jason, Benny and Me at the races.

Ava and her Birthday Boys.

We were lucky enough to get a visit from cousin Rose and Terrell, and baby Marley!

Ava's favorite mode of transportation. They went everywhere like this.

Our only family photo from the entire trip.

The crew (minus Colin, Dick and Janet). What a TRIP!

Stay Classy San Diego.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skate King

Whatever happened to Skate King? Is it still there? Do we even have a place dedicated only to roller-skating here in Bend?? Maybe I just thought of a great new business venture...whatayouthink Galen?? Ahhh...the elementary school memories. Remember the field trips to Skate King? Remember wanting to learn how to skate backwards and do spins like those pretty girls in the middle of the rink? Remember wanting so badly to get asked to "slow-skate" by that cute boy you had a crush on? I do...I never got asked, maybe because that cute boy I had a crush on noticed I couldn't skate worth a damn, maybe he noticed the HUGE gap between my two front teeth, my frizzy permed locks, the warts on my knees... Wasn't I voted most likely to NOT get asked by a cute boy to slow-skate in elementary school? I should've been. What was slow-skating anyways? Skating around the rink holding hands? But I digress.
Where was I? Ah, yes, Skate King. Just typing the name brings me back, remember the smell? A cross between rotting food smashed in the carpet and sweaty feet? Remember? I was brought back to my Skate King days yesterday when Ava decided she wanted to learn how to skate. We strapped those pink beauties on and away she went....around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around our garage. We cranked up the music and let her roll....just like Skate King. Galen even left his stinky running shoes and socks out in the garage and that mixed with our trash cans made the smell right on. At this point it looks like she might have my skating ability. I'm sorry Ava. Maybe that cute boy you have a crush on won't notice your skating abilities...or maybe you should just keep on practicing cause you have LOTS of time till I'm going to allow you to have a crush on anyone, except for me of course. Practice makes perfect right? Oh what a feeling. Skate Baby. Skate!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Galen Really Hauled Aspen

Congratulations to my wonderful Hubby for running his first 1/2 Marathon! He finished the Haulin Aspen Trail 1/2 Marathon 78th out of 356 people! Pretty good for a first try, especially on those hilly trails! Great job Baby! Next up...our FULL in October!

A kiss from his biggest fan.

Soaking in Shevlin Creek after the race.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Nights

I love summer for so many reasons. It's my favorite time of the year (have I mentioned this a billion times before??) especially the lazy summer nights spent as a family. I love how in the summer you stay up later, wake up earlier, and just want to get out and do more. Pretty much every night we don't have plans we're hanging out in the front or back yard soaking in the last rays of the day...Could life get any better than this?

Ava got a new bike from Babbie and Papa. She's oh so proud of it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back Yard Camp Out

We've been so busy this summer, we haven't had a chance to take the kids camping. Galen and I love to camp, and had big ambitions for taking a few trips this summer and roughing it...well...it hasn't exactly happened yet, and it's already August! Last weekend after a full day of swimming and fun, we decided we'd better get the tent out of the garage and give Ava her first "camping" experience in the backyard. After dinner we put Miles to sleep in his comfy warm crib and Cali (our unadventurous black dog) to sleep in our bedroom inside...and went out back to, er, rough it!
We roasted marshmallows, told ghost stories (pretty much we told the stories of the Three Bears, Hansel & Gretel, and Three Little Pigs and added a ghost to them...whatever), and played with flashlights till about 9:30. Then our little princess went right to sleep in the tent for the rest of the night! I, on the other hand, went inside to my warm bed at about 10:30... What? Given the choice, wouldn't you choose your own bed too??

Monday, August 2, 2010

Carnies For The Day

Whew. Another busy weekend in the bag. Happy Monday people.
The kids got their first taste of the Deschutes County Fair on Friday and had an absolute blast! We did it all, the petting zoo, hot dogs, cotton candy, carnival rides, pig races, face painting...you name it we did it! Ava had the time of her life, she was so in her element I think she wants to run off and become a carnie. I guess that beats my 3 year old dream of one day becoming a McDonald's employee so I could get an endless supply of Chicken Nuggets...but I digress...

Miles on his first pony ride. He wasn't too sure at first but ended up LOVING it.

Ava's a natural

This poor goat is trying so hard to run away from Miles, who kept pulling it's hair out in chunks!

Our little friend Maddie LOVED the elephant ears!

Watching the roller-coaster...whoooooaaaa!!!

Let the fun begin!!

Ava and Maddie on their favorite ride of the day. I can't believe they weren't scared! I was scared for them!!

Yup that's a 2 year old and a 3 year old...riding without seat belts 10 feet above the ground...what were we thinking?


Ava was SO excited to get her face painted. She sat so still.


What a great evening! To top it all off, Ava even won a prize for winning her very first carnival game ever...who does that? Beginners luck I guess!

I checked on Ava a few times that night to be sure she hadn't run off to become a carnie. She didn't...phew.