Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane...Really, I'm Serious, The Speed Limits in Seattle are A LOT Faster than in Bend

Hello Blog World! I've missed you so. I'm sorry for my absence, but I have a good excuse, well, I guess I have a lot of excuses really. We've been in Sea-Town for the past week for a whirlwind trip to fun places with great friends...Let's see, where do I begin?? How about welcoming you to the longest post EVER WRITTEN...

First stop on the way to Seattle...DETROIT of course! Me and the kiddos took off last Saturday to the cabin for the night. Here are the kiddos out on the boat with Uncle George.

Second Stop...Sunday we headed up to Seattle, well, Kent to be exact, for a BBQ at the Rinakitty/Rina-Coffey/Rinabarger house with tons of friends from WSU, and about a thousand kids. What a blast!
Future Cougars (sorry Megan, Addie gets wrapped into this group too)!!
Addie, Ava, Hayden, Jake, Miles, Jackson, and Henry

Miss Rauh, Me, Tara, Coffey, Jamie, Stacie

After the BBQ me and the kiddos spent the night in Kent and the next morning drove over to Sammamish to stay the rest of the week with Faline and Duncan. Of course I didn't get any pics of them with the kiddos! Oh well, next time. Thanks so much for all your help with the kids, the dinners, and such great company!!

Sometime during the week, don't ask me when cause it's all blurring together for me, I got out with some girlfriends to the most boring baseball game ever. Seriously Mariners...I think the Bend Elks are better than you. Despite the terrible game, we had a blast. Thanks so much L Spry for the tix and for splitting the hot dog and clam strips with me, you really are my soul mate!
Coffey with her hero.

L Spry, Lauren, and Me

We got in a quick lunch and playtime with Stacie, Sus, Addie and Eden. These girls are the best of friends!

My favorite pic from the weekend! My little Eden looking Oh So "Special"!!

Next up was a fun night with Kelsey, to relive our Eastlake days. She didn't do any old cheers for me like I would've hoped, but we did have a great time catching up. It's so fun to see my friends, especially from when I was younger, interact with the kiddos...she loves them both so much, and the loved their Auntie Kelsey. Once again I failed to get out the camera! Thanks again for coming over to see us Kels, you guys have got to get down to Bend soon!

Galen arrived on Thursday night and met me at Steve (AKA Birdy) and Kimmie Birds' for dinner. Again, I forgot to take any pics, but we had a great time seeing these two, as usual, great dinner Kim, you look so beautiful and cannot wait to see that baby soon! Just a few short weeks to go girl!

On Friday we caught up with Lolo and Tristan and went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo. For anyone in the Seattle area with young kids, I highly recommend it. It's much smaller than Woodland Park, but the animals are much closer and it's not crowded at all. The kids had a blast feeding the deer, and I could've watched the huge tigers play all day long. Even Miles got to see all the animals because we could get so close. Great day!

Friday night was Coffey and My much anticipated second date with our internet lover Brookie Poo. Driving to the ends of the earth (Ballard) from Sammamish was oh so worth it wasn't it girls? Can't wait for our next go-round. You must wear those pants again Loosy...and please post the Guiness Book of World Records pic so the world can see.

Next Up...The nuptuals of my "little brother" Bert and his lovely wife Ally at the Newport Shores Yacht Club. Beautiful Wedding, Georgous Couple, Great Party (once my kids went home with Nonie and Grandpa...thanks again guys!!)
Here's Miles having a blast on the playgroud. Yes, I said playground, at a wedding. This is where we spent most of our time until the kids went home!

Galen and I...at the playground!

Ava, Jadyn, and Jakey were dancing FOOLS! They all wanted to dance with Princess Ally of course!

The middle of the circle...dancing queen!

The afterparty, at Earls in Bellevue.
Galen's trying to move in on Georgie's woman!

And then on my sister!

After a 2 AM bedtime, I woke up the next morning bright and early to get this ready for Lolo's baby shower at Susy's house. It was so great seeing all the girls and meeting a few babies I hadn't had the chance to meet yet. Thanks again Sus and Stace for helping host such a beautiful shower for our Lolo!

Now we're back home and VERY tired...and I'm almost done with this post, which means I have to either
A) clean my house or
B)start on this huge pile of work I need to get done by tomorrow or
C) get dinner ready...
I think I'm ready for another vacation. Till next time Seattle...till next time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Days With Messy

Miss Messy Jessie graced us with her presence here in Bend for a couple of days. She had to come into town for a work trip. By "work" I mean one 45 minute appointment, but who's checking? Hopefully her boss doesn't read this.
We did the usual when Jess visits, sit out on the deck with the kids, drink beer like the old days, order in Toomie's Thai, and laugh, A LOT.

Ava and her Auntie Jess. These two are best friends. Probably because they are on the same level.

Just like the old days, minus a few hundred L.B.'s, some bloody toes, and a broken nose. Ava took this pic, budding photographer?!

Playing Princess in our "castle"

Say "CHEESE"!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cabin Fever {Not the bad kind}

We haven't been able to get up to the cabin as much as we'd like this summer. Don't get me wrong, we've had a great summer filled with fabulous house guests and fantastic weather here in Bend, but getting over to Detriot Lake is one of my favorite parts of the summer. Last Sunday, we took a quick trip to the cabin for the night. It was a blast, when it's sunny and warm, this place never disapoints!

Here's Papa and Miles puckering up for a big wet kiss (one of my favorite pics to date)

Ava and her Little Mermaid doll are inseprable these days.

Me and my boys on the deck.

Ole, JJ, and (not so) little Carson

Mom, Kylie, Carson, Melanie (Nana) and Miles..check out his "cheese" smile. Oh, and look at the size difference between Carson and Miles. Let me remind you that Carson is 5 months YOUNGER than my little guy!!!!

Here's to many more lazy summer days in Detroit Lake this summer!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...

Ava has been a HUGE help in the garden this year. She loves planting seeds, picking weeds, and watering the flowers. Look how well our garden is doing, mostly because she keeps reminding me to take care of it! Thanks Avs.

It's been so nice to go out to the garden and pick fresh veggies and herbs.

Here's a view of one of our fence boarders. The flowers are just beginning to bloom. I can't wait till they're out in full force feeding all the humming birds and butterflies!

I had to throw in a pic of just one of my pots, since flowers make me oh so happy.

PS..I was born in Singapore :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Born in the USA (OK, I wasn't even born here, but I'm still pretty damn proud to be an American)

Let me first start out by giving a big Happy Birthday Shout Out to the great U S of A. Woot Woot, hope you had a killer birthday, you still hungover? I think I am...

Moving on...In the 5 years since we've moved to Bend, we've never stayed home to celebrate the the 4th of July. This year, we decided to do just that, with some of our very best friends, the Martin family. Even Duncan (Galen's Dad) came down for a visit, and Bend did not disappoint. We had so much fun with these guys, as always, playing with the kids, drinking way too many beers (except Lo of course, she's pregnant and due August 20), the boys went golfing twice (yes, can you believe it, we actually let them go TWICE!), laying out in the sun in the backyard, listening to Dickie ohhh and ahhh over the fireworks, drinking mojitos (YUUUUUUM), and on Sunday, while the boys golfed, we went with my mom and the kids to the 4th of July Pet Parade downtown. What a site to see, I swear, the entire town came out with their pets to walk down the streets, yes, this town is a little nuts about their pets. Ava LOVED showing Monty off in her pretty skirt.

A fantastic holiday to say the least (barfing kids, broken guest room window, and all!) I think we'll try and stay home for the 4th from now on!

Getting some much needed SUN on those white Seattleites...I think Galen is liking his position here...all he needs to do is turn his head to the left...

The only pic I got of all the kids together...catching up on some much needed rest

At my parent's house for dinner on Sunday night

Grumpa and his babies

Ava and Monty ready for the Pet Parade in Downtown Bend.