Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look of the Week {Channeling Janis}

My Papa said I would've fit right in The Haight Ashbury ...Maybe we should move to San Fran.
I know, I look fabulous, no autographs, please.
Take another little piece of my heart now baby.

Monday, April 26, 2010

An Ode To Buddies

A buddy is someone who....
you can laugh with
you can be yourself around
you get into mischief with
you play dress up with
will take you out for pizza
you can share your deepest thoughts with
will fix your hair
and teach you how to stand
will share a good snuggle
likes a good BBQ
can share your dreams
Aren't buddies the best?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Year Stats

Well Miles, my hopes of one day having a professional football star were dashed yesterday when we received your 12 month stats from the doctor. Maybe you'll become the next Tour De France winner, track star, light-weight wrestler or boxer, or summit Mt. Everest instead...or...maybe you'll win the Nobel Peace Prize in science and math with that very large head of yours.

Don't worry though, I'm taking the pressure off you. We've got back-up plan #1 and plan #2 in Ava. I mean, come on, didn't you know the only reason I had children was to get rich off their hard work? Hollywood here we come (gag).

Here are your stats Little (and I mean LITTLE) Man:

Weight 18.5 lbs (5%)

Height 29 1/2 inches (45%)

Head 49 cm (95%)

The doctor said that even though you're on the small side, we've got nothing to worry about. You're a happy, healthy, and apparently very strong little boy. He again talked all about your great "muscle mass" maybe you should be an Olympic weight lifter. He could not believe you weren't walking all over the place yet (but I'm secretly happy you are not). He also said no more bottles, we have to cut you off cold turkey. Sorry buddy, that starts tomorrow!

And with that, I'll leave you with your latest case of the giggles. Who knew having your sister spit water all over you could be so much fun.

Monday, April 19, 2010

First Birthday Party

We had a party for Miles' first birthday this past weekend. We kept it small, just family and close friends here in town. I've learned from experience that first birthdays, although very important for parents, aren't so great for the recipient. It seems these types of shin-digs are a bit overwhelming for a one year old! Below are some pics of the day. Notice that in most of the pics, Miles isn't too impressed with his party. Oh well, at least the rest of us had fun! The birthday boy with his Grumpa (our only smiling picture from the day!)
Getting the party started right
I made Jamie's famous chocolate and white cupcakes with cream cheese and coffee frosting for the occasion (thanks so much for the delish recipes James)! They were a big hit with everyone... except for Miles!
"All Done!"
Opening presents with Nonie
After a long afternoon, playing with his new gifts...a little dazed and confused!
Happy Birthday Miles! I hope you had a great time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diva in Training

Ava has been perfecting her model poses as of late...

I have a feeling she'll be wanting an agent any day now.
(I think the dog may want one too...)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

12 Month Miles(tone)

12 months. Twelve months. TWELVE MONTHS! Wow, where does the time go? I cannot believe my baby boy is a year old today, and what a year it’s been.
Miles came into this world at lightning speed. I was only in labor for a few hours. In fact, from the time I got to the hospital to the time I delivered Miles was only 55 minutes! He made his entrance into the world just about as fast as he moves through life now…a mile a minute. Busy, busy, busy!

Now, when I say Miles is busy, I’m not talking normal baby busy. I’m talking moving, climbing, and getting into everything from dawn till dusk. Don’t believe me? Come see my house…I’ve got stuff everywhere from the time our little monkey wakes up till the time he goes to sleep. There’s really no point in picking it up…it’s like a hurricane blows through my house everyday. I mean it, his room, Ava’s room (much to her dismay), the living room, the bathroom, our bedroom…nothing is safe. He pulls everything off the shelves, pulls all the clothes out of the drawers, all the tupperwear out of the cupboard, the toilet paper off the roll, the pillows off the couch, and of course, every single toy out of the toy boxes. He’s even figured out how to yank open our childproofed cupboards and pull pots and pans out of those. Quite the appetite for destruction.

He's 100% Male…. A man’s man. Bonafide BOY. I’m serious. This kid is such a meat-head. You wouldn’t think it by looking at his picture. He looks so sweet and little and innocent, but once you see him in action, you’ll know. He climbs on everything, and once he’s at the top of whatever it is he climbed up he tosses his head around and yells and screams at the top of his lungs to let everyone know what he’s accomplished. I swear he’ll be banging his fists against his chest like Tarzan soon.
He bangs his head on everything, on purpose, like it’s a game. He bangs his head on the wall, the floor, the couch, me, whatever. Loves it.
He loves to grunt.
He speaks his mind. If he doesn’t like something or wants something or wants to get his sissy in trouble, he’ll let us know with a very loud and very fake CRYYYY.
He eats like a man. I can put anything in front of this kid and he devours it in seconds. And…a big eater means a big pooper. I change at least 6 smelly diapers a day. We’ve been calling him the Poop Machine for a few months now. Speaking of diaper changes, they’ve become quite a challenge these days. This kid won’t sit still for more than a second so you can imagine what changing his diaper must be like. Galen and I have come to dread changing his diaper because we know there’s a good chance he’ll squirm so much it’s inevitable for poop to get all over the place.
He loves trucks, like any red-blooded Oregonian man. He plays with trucks all the time, and makes the vrrrrooom sound when he plays.
He loves testing his mama. He’ll do anything he know’s he’s not supposed to be doing like pulling the vacuum cord out of the wall or trying to tip over the side table when he’s not getting my full attention. He also loves to pull at my hair and necklace as hard as he can and see how long he can get away with it.
He’s a huge flirt.
He loves to point at people and things and say: “dat dat dat” (meaning who’s that or what’s that).
He hates being put into his car seat. Once we’re driving it’s fine but putting him in these days is a nightmare. I think he’s in for a big treat today because today’s the day we turn his seat around. That’s right Miles, no more riding backwards!!

Besides cars, his favorite toys are books. The only time he sits still during the day is if I’m reading him a book or if he’s flipping through some books by himself. He’ll do this for a half an hour.
He loves to walk behind his walker. He’s not quite walking yet (Ava walked a week or so before her first birthday. But, I’m thrilled at the fact that he still can’t get around on two legs yet. I’m sorry to say it will be soon though, he’s sooo close).
He stands.
He drinks MILK…bu-bye formula!
His favorite game is pee-ka-bo.
His favorite thing in the world is his blankie, coming in a close second is our yellow dog (or “dug” as Miles would say).
His favorite food is oranges. He has four teeth.
He loves taking baths.
He already loves cartoons.
He loves his big sister and follows her everywhere trying to mimic everything she does (which is really annoying to her).
His favorite thing to say is “all done”
He makes his mommy and daddy oh-so HAPPY!
Happy Birthday Miles!!!

12 Months Old
(on your birthday present from mommy and daddy).
11 Months
10 Months
9 Months
8 Months
7 Months
6 Months
5 Months
4 Months
3 Months
2 Months
1 Month
April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Look of the Week {Biker Babe}

How cool is my little red bike? I mean, look at it, all tricked out with chrome wheel protector, a bell, and handlebar tassels...100% awesome dude.
I just had to show this off. I think it's a really great accessory when worn with any ensemble. I don't know why...but every time I get on this bike my mom starts humming the "wicked witch" tune from Wizard of OZ...weird.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Year Older {and Not Much Wiser}

You'd think that in my old age (yes, I turned 30 this past weekend) I would've gained some wisdom, some insight, act like someone in her 30's, someone who isn't in college anymore celebrating her 21-run, but no...when one of my very best friends and my hubby got together to throw me a birthday party...I just couldn't resist acting like a kid again... just one more time...

So Saturday was Happy Birthday to ME day!

I only wish I would've asked for someone to remind me of how I was going to feel the next day (or in this case week). oops. I forgot that I can no longer stay up until the wee hours of the morning after a long night of margaritas, beers, and late night BBQ pork sammys (thanks alot Kelsey)! Not only can my body no longer handle these things...but I should've been reminded about those two little darling offspring of ours we had to come home to the next day...(I have never been so thankful for nap time!) was all worth it. I had such a fantastic weekend. Thanks so much for everyone who came and everyone who sent their birthday wishes. I have the greatest friends and family!

Galen and I at The Mission (West Seattle)
Me and my two besties.
with Coffey, Brooke, and a furry kitty.
Kels, don't we have a pic like this from high school? Ahhh...just like the old days!

After our very fun-filled very LONG night without the kiddies...we went back to the Blyth house to celebrate Easter with an egg hunt for our little ragamuffin Ava. No, I did not do her hair. We went all natural instead...
All of those eggs were filled to the brim with candy (thanks to Nonie) she was on a bit of a sugar high for the rest of the day.
Ava and Miles had such a great time with Nonie and Grampa, I think they were a bit "hungover" themselves on Sunday. We are so lucky to have such great parents! Thanks so much for watching the kids so we could get out for a night on the town!!!