Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ski Bunnies

Ever since we moved to Bend, Galen and I have been dreaming of the day when our kids could enjoy the mountain as much as we do. We've always said we'd start teaching our kids to ski/snowboard at we gave it a try with Ava last weekend!
I have to admit, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Having a fearless little girl, I thought she'd be flying down the slopes in no time...wrong! We had about an hour of: "Mommy, I want to go home! I HATE this, I HATE THIS!" This is when I realized my daughter is JUST like me. She hates to try new things, especially things she's not good at right off the bat. uh-oh...but after a break in the lodge, a few snacks, and getting mommy (instead of Daddy) in her skis, she decided to give it another try...and LOVED it!
At first, I was holding on to her while skiing behind her (see video below) but by the end of the day, she was carving down the mountain by herself..well, not really, I was skiing backwards and she would ski to me, but still, pretty good if you ask me! She even took some turns (this is where I have to call out Galen for being the worst videographer ever. He didn't get video of this)...hopefully next time! I plan on taking Ava up again this weekend, so stay tuned for more!

Teacher and Student...Finally smiling!
Miles and Daddy hung out at the bottom of the lift. Nice goggles buddy, you look like you're ready for some shreddin' yourself.We met up with Jadyn and Ole for a cute cousin picture...
Then the girls decided they'd had enough, and wanted to hit the lodge for some snacks and much like their mommies, except they were drinking water, not Mirror Pond. I promise.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Remember the nights you used to do this?... Let's get back to that stat. Mama's TIRED!
I realize that teething hurts, I get it, I do, but you've gotta help me out. Mama needs her beauty rest, wait let me rephrase that, Mama needs her Sanity Rest.
Let's work on more sleep tonight, okay buddy? I love you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Sometimes (well, maybe not sometimes, I guess LOTS of times) lately, I find myself wishing Ava would turn 4 already and grow out of her "Terribles" I'm pluralizing Terrible because I have not only had to deal with the terrible 2's, nope, we headed right from 2 onto the terrible 3's with reckless abandon...and it hasn't shown any sign of stopping.
Although having a very "high spirited" (this is what I use when I really mean stubborn and bossy) 3 year old has been rough at times, there are so many things that I love about this age. One of my favorites? The fact that Ava will now sit down with some crayons or paint or pens and color me a picture.

Here is her latest masterpiece. This was her first real attempt to draw a picture of our family. I love it, so much so that I've framed it in my bedroom!

What do you think? I'm really digging Daddy's mono-brow and beard, my HUGE nose, Ava's go-tee, and apparently she got mommy and daddy's genitalia mixed up a bit eh? (Yes, she likes to distinguish boys from girls)... But who's looking that hard? All in all, pretty cute if you ask her very proud Mama!
PS- I did write Daddy on this for her. She got sick of drawing by that point and wanted to watch cartoons!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"All Done"

Miles has been trying to speak to us for sometime's been so funny to hear him babble, but lately, we've been able to make out some definite words. Here's what we've heard: Mama, Dada, Dug (that means Dog), No (we hear this one the most...more like No, No, No, No, No) and finally: "All Done."

Please ignore my annoying voice trying to coax him to say it, but here you go!

Yes Mom, I know what you're thinking..we've got a bonafied genius on our hands. He's already speaking in sentences! Don't get ahead of yourself Grammy...he still plays in the toilet.

Just a little sidebar. After I filmed this, I said to Galen: "Your Mom is going to die when she sees this!" and Ava asked (in a very concerned voice): "Nonie is going to DIE???" HA! She now knows the meaning of an expression. She's been saying, "Oh Mommy, that's so funny, I'm just going to DIE!" all day long.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Names {By Ava}

Ever wonder how people come up with some of the crazy names you hear for their kids...don't know what I'm talking about?...just check out a college football game and take a look at some of the names on the roster (My favorite would have to be Syd'Quan) Or how about looking at some of those poor celeb babies in People Magazine (Shilo/ offense to Brangelina or TomKat).

I think Ava would do a great job of naming her very own celeb-babe or college football player.
We've got dolls up to our ears in my house, and Ava has given each doll his or her very own, um, "special" name. Just a few examples...

Salty (her favorite and whom she carries everywhere these days)
Beer (her boy doll, I'm thinking she named her boy after her Dad)
Tootie (not sure of the sex, but this is a teddy bear that she has stolen from her brother)
Booty Boy (another boy who she's always punishing for something, usually something she has been punished for that day)
Tingey (she's always yelling at poor Tingey: "get back into bed, it's nap time!!" or "Tingey, eat your dinner or you're going to TIME OUT!")
they go on and on...

I wonder what a shrink would think of her doll names....? It's like a little glimpse of what goes on in our house on the weekends...salty foods, lots of beer and booty-shakin followed by lots of toots that smell kinda tingey?...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look of the Week {Bow Me}

Ever had one of those days when you just couldn't decide which bow you wanted to wear???
Why not wear them all at once?....
My Mommy tried to talk me into just wearing one or two of these beauties, but I say, if you got it, flaunt it. This look got me LOTS of attention from the people at Target.
Warning: If you are going to try this look yourself, be sure to have your mommy help you take the bows really hurts when you do it yourself.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shake What Yo Mama Gave You..

A couple of glimpses of what it's like in my house at night. Sorry, no video of myself dancing, you DO NOT want to see that (picture Elaine from Seinfeld)...though I think Ava may have picked up some of my moves, uh oh...sorry girl, I don't think a career as a cheeleader is in your future.

Shake it Baby, Shake it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Who's With Me??

Okay, call me CaaaaRAZY but I've decided to run in the Pacific Crest Marathon in Sunriver this June.

I know, I know, I'm NUTS...but I have to do this. You see, I've been wanting to run a marathon ever since I saw this girl run one when we all lived in San Diego. My plan was to run in the Rock n Roll marathon in San Diego the following year, so I trained and trained and trained, and actually ran 26 miles by myself, but never actually ran in the race because life changed and we moved to Bend before I could race. And, well...I stopped training all together, got a dog, got a house, and became a know the rest.

Since then I promised myself I would run a marathon by the time I turned 30. My birthday is in April, and the race isn't till June, but who's really counting right? My (practically) brother Birdy and his lovely wife Kimmy are coming down to run it with me. This would be great except they are both very accomplished runners...Iron Men to be exact (I know, Really Crazy) so it's just a teensie bit intimidating to think about running with them. I've been assured that they will be nice (picture Bob from the biggest Loser) but I have a feeling they'll both turn into Jillian when they hear me complain. Okay, just writing this is making me sweat...why did I sign up to do this again? I'm very scared of Jillian.

So...wish me luck...I really need it. I haven't ran more than six miles in over 4 years...this won't be pretty...(picture me trying to run in freezing cold weather at 6am keeling over after only 2 miles panting and cursing everyone I know)...but I have to do this.
Anyone else want to be miserable for the next 4 months and train with me???

PS...just a little disclaimer... if June 26 rolls around and I'm not running the race, it means I fell off the bandwagon months ago...I'll try not too, but don't be surprised if I don't speak of this again due to lack of motivation...I really like sleeping in and eating cookies all day! Screw you Jillian.