Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summer Time {July}

Okay, I am so frustrated...I just finished this post, and cannot for the life of me figure out how to move the photos around like I usually do, so please forgive me for having photos at the very end of this post, instead of throughout...and for the fact that they go in the wrong order...oh well! I tried. Here goes...

Gosh, I cannot believe how fast this month is flying by...I have been so busy with kids and traveling, I haven't had time to sit down and post anything...does anyone else feel as guilty as I do when you don't blog at least once a week? I do, I actually get anxiety about it! yikes, I'm becoming a big nerd I guess!

It's been a few weeks since my last post...and we've done quite a bit since then!First of, 4th of July. We spent it up at the cabin of course with a few other couples who also had kids. Ava had a blast playing in the water, we couldn't get her out of the lake. It was fun just relaxing and spending time in the sun...and watching (and listening) to all the fireworks throughout the weekend. It was great!

First of, 4th of July. We spent it up at the cabin of course with a few other couples who also had kids. Ava had a blast playing in the water, we couldn't get her out of the lake. It was fun just relaxing and spending time in the sun...and watching (and listening) to all the fireworks throughout the weekend. It was great!

After the 4th weekend, we were so beat we decided we'd better stay home for a weekend to rest and recoup. I feel like all I've been doing this summer at home is laundry and packing...then we're off to our next destination, so it was really nice to have a weekend at home to just be with the family. It's always so fun to be here in Bend during the summer time, there's something fun to do every weekend. Galen and I were lucky enough to be here during Summer Fest in down town Bend. We took the kids and watched Ava have an absolute blast at the "Children's Fair"...then we just walked around downtown and had a picnic lunch...very relaxing. That Sunday, my Mom came home from Seattle after she was released from her stem-cell treatment. She's doing great, and the kids love to feel her bald head. Ava thinks it's so funny and always says how "prickly" it feels. We're so happy to have my mom back, and she's doing wonderfully, feeling better each and every day.

As for last week, Miles and I took off with my sister and dad on Wednesday to Dallas for my cousin Zach's wedding. Ava stayed home with Galen. We enrolled her in a 3 day camp at the preschool she'll be attending in September. She was so excited to go to "school" as she insisted we call it, and had so much fun. I'm so happy she likes school...for now!

Miles did so great on the plane and all weekend...he just hung out happy the entire time, such a good little traveler! Although it was extremely HOT in Texas (100+ and humid every day/night) we had a blast swimming in my aunt and uncle's pool and hanging out. I always have such a good time when we all get together, it was the first time in such a long time that all of my cousins were actually in one spot together. Wish so much we lived closer...but I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder, it does in this case! Congrats to my cousin Zach on a beautiful wedding! Love you much!

As for this weekend, I'm headed back to the cabin on Wednesday for another family reunion with my parent's longtime friends the Birds and their kids and their kid's kids...can't wait! They are like family to me, so it will be so fun to see everyone together again. Hopefully I'll have sometime after that to sit down and post each week like I used too! Here are the pics from the past couple of weeks...


Miles enjoying the sunshine after a "skinny dip" in the pool

Kylie and I with our cousin Amanda (she could be our younger sister)

All eleven crazy Grout cousins!
Kylie, me, and my Dad at the rehearsal dinner...very sweaty!
4 generations of Grout blood. Mom Grout, Dad, Me and Miles

Our week at home in Bend and Summer School for Ava...

Miles...always happy in the morning!
Ava's first day of Camp. She was so excited!
Galen and Ava at SummerFest
Miles chillin at SummerFest
Ava driving a tractor at SummerFest, she LOVES tractors!

4th of July at Detroit Lake...

Ava and her little buddy Maddie
All tuckered out...nap time!Maddie and Ava in the pool

Ava and Galen in the lake

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Summer Time!

Well, I admit I've been a terrible blogger this summer so far. I've got so many photos and stories, it's been hard to keep track of everything since we've been going a mile a minute for the past month! Since we went to Seattle at the beginning of June, we really haven't had a moment of peace...that's what I LOVE about, friends, sun, and lots of food and drink...what more could you ask for?

We've been spending a lot of time at our cabin. Last weekend was great. I had 2 of my best college friends come up with their kids...Susy and Dan and their kids Addy (almost 3) and Eden (1) and then Lauren and Dickie and their son Tristan (almost 2). My sister and Ole and their kids came too, it was crazy having all those kids around, man, times have really changed since college! It was a blast though, I love seeing friends I don't get to see very's so fun to have kids around the same age! Here are some pics from the weekend...

All the crazy kids. Ava, Addy, Tristan, and little Eden
Ava and Addy
Galen and I...the kids must've actually been sleeping! A moment of peace!
Daddy and Miles
Tomorrow we head out again to Detroit Lake. This time we're bringing some friends from Bend up for the 4th. More kids, more beer...geez...I can't believe I'm not more tired!

As for my babies, they are both doing great. I've enrolled Ava in a 3 day summer camp for middle of this month, she's very excited about it and says she can't wait for "school" to start. She's been so sweet with Miles, making him laugh and helping me change diapers.

Miles has returned to his normal sleeping habits...he's now giving us around 7 hours of sleep in a stretch...he's awake for much longer periods and loves to talk to us and laugh. I think he's going to be a big talker like Ava...I won't get any peace and quiet till these kids move out I guess :)

And, last but not least, I have wonderful news about my Mom. She's been on the mend now for the past week...eating more and feeling better each day. Her hair is gone, but we're used to that, she's been bald a couple of times before this. My dad thinks she'll be back in Bend sometime within the next couple of weeks! YAY! I'm so happy and can't wait!!