Friday, May 29, 2009


Just thought I'd share these cute pics. My kids make my heart melt on a daily basis...
Miles has been doing great, besides a sinus infection he has. Even with being sick he's such an easy-going baby, I'm so lucky! He has been giving us big smiles now for the past week or so. It's so gratifying to see your baby smile up at's the cutest thing in the world...I'm so looking forward to the fist time he laughs!
Ava has been giving me a little trouble lately. The kid just will not listen to anything I say. It's been so frustrating for me when I ask her to do something or not to do something and she just won't listen at all. Actually, she looks right at me and does the exact opposite of what I tell her, with a smile on her face! AUGH! She's so much like me it's crazy. I hate being told what to do!! She negotiates everything...from what she wants to eat in the morning to what she wears to what time she goes to bed. She's too smart for her own good...she remembers EVERYTHING so she uses everything we've done or said in the past against us. Sometimes I wonder...why am I arguing with a 2 year old???
It's been kinda tough with her the past week or so, to the point where I thought I was going to have a mental break down...but then she gives me that sweet smile of hers and says: "Mommy, you make me soooo happy, I love you mommy"...and my heart melts all over again. Hopefully this is just a phase and passes very quickly, or I may have to check myself into the mental institution.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a Weekend

Family Pic
I am still recovering from all the fun we had this past weekend. I love long weekends...I don't even work and I love them. Galen and I actually had a 6 day weekend, and I'm considering it a vacation as we pretty much drank and ate the entire time!

Our weekend actually started Tuesday of last week. My sister-in-law Jessie came to town to do some work (not really, she only had 1 appointment, but whatever!). We were lucky enough to have Jessie stay with us for 4 days... Whenever Jess and I get together there's always a lot of laughter, making fun of each other (and everyone around us), and a lot, I mean A LOT of drinks! We had so much fun hanging out with the kids in the back yard and drinking margaritas at 11 AM. She actually thought that was what I did on a daily basis, so funny! We always have such a great time doing nothing. I'm so lucky that my sister-in-law is also one of my very best friends!
I actually think we may have gotten her in baby-mode. Now we just have to work on Jas-Buddy...
Anyways, on Friday the rest of the Blyth fam came (except for Jason, he had a bachelor party in Arizona). We had Galen's parents Faline and Duncan, his older brother Colin and his girlfriend Kelley, and some dear family friends, Dan and Debbie in town.
Saturday was my friend Sarah's daughter Maddie's 1st Bday Party. Ava had such a great time. For pics of the cutest 1-year old ever check out Sarah's blog for pics of her party, Maddie is such a cutie!!
The rest of the weekend was a blast, we didn't do much, just hung out in the beautiful weather and walked around downtown and ate and drank. Such a fun weekend!!
Here are a LOT of pics...
Ava and Auntie Jessie at Red Robin
Getting Jessie used to babies!

Me and my babies

Another day...another drink!

Ava and her favorite person Faline (Nonie)

Ava and Duncan (Crumpa) Don't ask me what she's doing with the pine cones!

Another great outfit choice!

Colin explaining ET to Ava, she LOVED it!

Miles...I think he was a bit hung-over from the busy weekend as well!

Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Weeks Already!

Well, I can't believe how fast time has gone by, but yesterday marked Miles' 5-week Birthday!

I hadn't been able to pin point who he really looked like till about a week ago, and now it's so completely obvious. Sometimes I look down and think...oh God, I'm breast-feeding my Brother-in-law!! He looks so much like a darker version Jason (Galen's twin), it's crazy. There's a little bit of Galen in there too, but we both agree he is really looking like Jas, right down to his funny expressions. We'll have to see what Jessie (Jason's wife) says when she comes to visit tomorrow. Too funny.
My wonderful parents bought Ava a play-set the other week. Galen finally finished putting it up last weekend and she is so happy about it! We've been out in the yard every day playing on it. I'm so happy she has something to occupy her time when I need a little peace and quiet (well, maybe not peace or quiet, but at least I get some time to myself... er, I mean some time to myself, with a baby attached to my boob)!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Story

Those who know me well know that I really don't like to beat around the bush. I'm a really straight forward person, and usually tell it like it is. I'm the same way with Ava, when she asks me a question, I give it to her straight. I don't make up names for private parts or anything...I think it's sounds so silly to call your vagina a "pee pee" or something like that. Ava has always called her vagina a "vagina" and her butt is her "butt", etc.
So, the other day, Ava and I were giving Miles a bath, and Ava looked at me with a worried expression and asked: "is that his vagina, mommy?"
I said, no honey, that isn't a vagina, that's a penis. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. She just looked at me like I was crazy.
So, the next day she was taking a shower with Galen like she has many times before, and finally realized that Galen didn't have a vagina like she did. She pointed and said: "Daddy, that's your penis, you're a boy."
From then on, Ava has been telling every man she sees, from our neighbor, to the grocery clerk, that they have a penis cause they're a boy. Needless to say we've made a lot of men laugh this week! Silly girl!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I'm posting this a little late, but I've found it's a bit hard to sit down and blog these days... it must have something to do with having a 2 year old and a new born.

I just wanted to wish a very HAPPY Mother's day to all you mothers out there. We have the best jobs in the world.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive mother figures in my life. My own mom and my mother-in-law are two of the most caring, giving, incredible people. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Thank you Faline for all of the love and support you've given me. I'm so lucky to have known you and your family for such a long time, you've been like a second mother to me long before Galen and I ever started dating. You're an incredible person and I truly appreciate our friendship. Thanks for all of your help with Ava and with Miles, Galen and I are so blessed to have such a close knit family. You've been such a huge influence on our lives, thank you!!
I love you so much.

Mom, thanks so much for being such a HUGE help with the kids these past couple of years. I've been so spoiled since you moved down to Bend, I don't know what I'd do without you here. You're always willing to drop anything for us, your so unselfish and such a kind person. I've always been so amazed how you can turn any situation into something positive, and have never had anything unkind to say about anyone. You really are such an inspiration to me, I hope I can be only half as great of a mother that you've been to Kylie and I. I really can't begin to thank you for everything you've done for me, and for how you've made me feel so important and loved. You're the BEST. I love you love you love you. Thanks for being you!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

Already Best Buddies!!

This weekend was pretty uneventful, but it was great to hang out and relax with the family. We did some housework, took the kids on some walks, took Ava swimming, and had dinner at my parents house. I can't believe it's already Monday!
Isn't he getting big??
My mom, "Babby" with Miles
As I've said in my last posts, Ava loves to dress herself these days. The outfit she came up with on Friday was probably the best yet...
This is her right after she put everything on, she wanted to go look at herself in my full length mirror...

And this is her during our walk that day. She loves to carry her "Obama Flag" when we go outside (she calls the American Flag this, I really don't know where she came up with that but I think it's cause Obama (who's her favorite person) is always standing next to the flag). I personally think the snow boots go very well with the tutu.

This is what Ava decided to wear at my parent's house for dinner this weekend. It's my old dance costume. A good look for dinner out, don't you think?...