Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here She Is...

As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE my new hand bag/diaper bag that I had designed especially for me by Maya Moon. Isn't she gorgeous?? I love her so much I think I need to name her!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few of My Favorite (Baby) Things...

Well, since I'm just hanging around now waiting for this baby to drop out of me (literally, it feels like he could just drop out at any moment, he's SOOO low, not very comfortable for me at all)! I've been stocking up and thinking about things that I will need in order to have a little newborn in my home again. There were certain little things that just made life a whole lot easier when we first had Ava, and also things that just made Mommy happy because they were so cute.

First of all, I love purchasing local handmade stuff. Galen and I try to help out our local economy as much as we can and purchase things from local folks, or, at least from Oregon. I have friends, or friends of friends who are very artistic and sell their stuff on etsy and at local boutiques around town. Lucky for me, they are all around my age and have kids of their own...so they make stuff for babies, yay!
Here's a list of BEND OREGON made stuff that I just LOVE for babies and baby mamas:)

~ Rae Rae Baby ~ My friend Honore makes some of the cutest blankets and bibs I have ever seen. They are really trendy, snugly and fun...I love the blanket she made for my baby boy, so cute!

~ Frank and Me Baby ~ Burp cloths are an absolute essential with a newborn. Frank and Me "Burp Monsters" are so handy and adorable, I LOVE these things. These definitely ad a little fun to baby spit ups!

~ Nashelle Jewelry ~ I just got my initial and birthstone necklace with the kids names stamped on from Nashelle. This gal makes the prettiest jewelry, not just for moms, but for everyone. Their wholesale shop is right here in Bend, and they've been featured in People Magazine, In Style, US, and much more. I think my next purchase from her will be a ring, they're beautiful!

~ Maya Moon Handbags ~ Okay, seriously, these could be the cutest bags I have ever come into contact with. Mia sells her bags all over the country, but I'm so lucky to have her here in Bend cause she custom makes bags for us locals. I ordered a custom diaper bag through her and just got it back last week. It is my new LOVE. Every time I look at it I feel like SJP in Sex and the City and want to say..."hello lover" and pet it all day long. Thanks Mom for buying me this for my shower gift, it's my favorite!!!

~ Dani Bath Products ~ I love the smell of these lotions, bath stuff, and candles. I especially recommend the Body Butter (for mommy's growing belly), and the "Grapefruit Ginger" candle sent is my favorite.

~ Lil Squirtz ~ Okay, this isn't a local company, they're actually out of MN, but they sell a lot of their stuff in the boutiques here in Bend. I think their burp clothes and blankets are some of the cutest I've ever seen. I just purchased myself a bunch for my new diaper bag...so fun and funky!

Now, onto the stuff I can't get from a local artist, but are absolute necessities for any Mommy in my eyes. I'm not talking the stuff you know you need to get, this is the stuff I found after I had Ava that really helped keep me sane!

~ Bob Stroller ~ Okay, these things are very spendy, I know...but they're SO worth the money. Plus, you can sell it on craigslist for almost as much as you bought it for once you're done with it. We've moved from the single to the Bob Revolution Duallie (it's for 2 kids)...this thing corners like it's on rails (sorry, had to say it...little shout out to Pretty Women there). I love these strollers. They are basically all terrain vehicles for kids. You can go almost anywhere with this thing. Definitely a necessity here in outdoorsy Bend!

~ Swaddle Designs ~ Ultimate Swaddling Blankets are another essential in my nursery. When we had Ava, we found it so hard to swaddle her because all the blankets we had were too small to pull tight enough around her. The Ultimate Swaddling Blankets are huge, and so easy to wrap around the baby. Ava would stay swaddled all night long (which was a blessing for us cause every time she would come unswaddled she'd wake up!).

~ Aden and Anais ~ Swaddling Blankets are another type of swaddler we found extremely useful. They are really big, meaning easy and tight swaddling, but they're also really light weight and breathable...great for summer!

~ Sleep Sacks ~ Another sleeping essential, sleeps sacks are great because you can keep baby warm in his crib, but you don't have to worry about him suffocating under a loose blanket. I used to swaddle Ava and then put her in a sleep sack to keep her nice and warm. Love them.

~ Bundle Me ~ Car seat and stroller blankets are so great! They zip around the baby in the car seat to keep them nice and warm, and are attached to the car seat or stroller so they won't fall out when your walking around with it. I lost a lot of blankets before we got this! They come in tons of fun colors and also a lightweight version for summers.

~Happiest Baby on the Block ~ This book helped me though the first 4 months after Ava was born. It really helped to explain why babies act the way they do and what you need to do to calm them down. I was really trying to get Ava on a certain "schedule" way too soon. This book helped ease my worries and got us into a much better place regarding routines. I recommend this book to every new mom.

I think that's it! Those are my top 6 local baby buys as well as my top 5 essentials for baby.

As for an update on the pregnancy...I've been having contractions since Saturday evening, but they're not regular at all, just pretty uncomfortable. I thought for sure he was coming on Sunday, but no luck. We're still playing the waiting game! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have another update after that. Have a great Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Crazy Thursday

Well, I think I lived through one of every parent's nightmares on Thursday morning.
We woke up and everything was going great, Ava slept past 7am (this is a blessing in our house as I'm usually awake by 6 or earlier) and we all hung out before Galen went to work...it was nice.

Once Galen left, I did my usual routine and got in the shower and started drying my hair while Ava played around in the house. I never worry about her in our house cause it's totally child-proofed, so I thought.

After drying my hair I came out to the living room to check on her and noticed that her stool was up next to the kitchen counter. Then I noticed that a couple of my prescription bottles were sitting on the counter outside of the basket I keep them in, and beside those was a lid to a bottle, but no bottle in sight. I called for Ava and then noticed that our playroom door was closed (she closes the door when she's doing something naughty)...panic...

I run to the playroom and there she is with the bottle of my allergy medication and pills spilled all over the ground. I immediately grab her and look in her mouth, sure enough, she's got pills in her mouth, I have no idea how many cause they're mostly dissolved...major panic...

So, I call poison control and they ask me how long she was left alone with the bottle...eh, I have no idea, could have been 1 minute could have been 15. and how many pills did she take?...well, again no idea, I didn't sit here and watch her take pills!
Anyways, after a nice lecture about how I should be more careful (LESSON LEARNED LADY!)...they tell me I need to take her to the ER immediately.

So, I run into my room and get dressed in a hurry (yes, I was naked when I went to check on her) and I can't get my jeans on over my fat pregnant butt cause I just put lotion on my legs, so I have a big struggle with that for what seemed like an eternity. Then I run and get Ava in some clothes (she was just in her undies like usual). And then we rush out the door.

All the while, Ava was acting totally normal, but a little scared because I was scared and kept telling her to NEVER eat mommy's pills again. She kept saying: "sorry I ate your vitamins Mommy"...it was so cute.

Anyways, we meet Galen at the ER and get checked in and see the doctor. Everything was fine, except Ava was a bit lethargic, like she is when she has a cold or something, but that was it. We stayed for about 2 hours just to be sure and then they released us. I was so happy they didn't have to pump her stomach or something worse.

It makes me feel so horrible to think that we had those pills out on the counter for her to get for so long, and didn't even think twice about it.
We're all fine, I think I was much more traumatized than she was, but hopefully she'll remember this and won't try anything like that again (yeah right!) I have a feeling this was the first of many trips to the ER with my child...she's definitely our little explorer.
So, the moral of the story is...double check your child proofing!!! They get into EVERYTHING!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

::Mmmmm Spaghetti::

Ava's favorite food has got to be pasta, especially spaghetti with red sauce. Unfortunately, every time we eat this I've got a HUGE mess to clean up...but I guess it's all worth it to see a face like this one. She likes giving herself a "spaghetti beard." Funny girl.

As for an update on the pregnancy, I went to the doctor yesterday and nothing has changed since last week. I'm still 75% effaced and 2cm dilated. He did say that the baby was even lower though, and his head was "engaged" meaning it's way down in my pelvis. Let me tell you, not a very comfortable situation for me. Now that I freaked out last week thinking he was coming early, everything is done at our house and we're all ready for him. So...I'd like him to greet the world as soon as possible now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

::Baby Shower::

Me, Linds and Kylie...what great Hosts!
I had so much fun Saturday afternoon at my baby shower. My sister Kylie and my good friend Lindsey threw me such a wonderful party at Lindsey's beautiful house. I can't thank Kyles and Linds enough for such a fun afternoon...the food was great (of course it was, Linds made it), and the decorations were the color of the baby's room (brown, red, blue and creme)...it was even complete with M&M's the color of the room, too cute!

We had about 13 girls there, and I got TONS of great stuff. Being my second baby, I didn't think I really needed a shower, but they insisted on throwing me one, and I'm so glad they did! I guess I needed more than I thought...we needed boy blankets, swaddling blankets, bottles, binkies, diapers, onesies, sheets, towels...and the list goes on and on... Being Mrs. Practicality, I had my sister send everyone a list of what I really needed, so that I wouldn't get a bunch of stuff I already had. I think we're all set now, so bring on baby!!
I go to the doctor this afternoon so I'll give an update once we get back. Hopefully baby holds off until the end of this month at least, as my aunt Melanie is coming from Canada to hopefully be there for the birth...but I'm so ready now, I feel much better about stuff than last week...except for the labor part of course:)
Here are a few pics from the shower. I was playing around with a photo editing website so some are kinda fun...

My sister, My Mom and I

Me and Mommy

All the yummy food!

Honore (with her new baby girl Lilly) and Sarah

Joanie (Galen's business partner) and her daughter Shailee

Jackie (who's due in July with a BOY) and Kylie

Maria and Sabila

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, no baby as of yet, Hallelujah!
I have, however, been having some pretty big contractions, and last night, I thought he might be coming...but the contractions died off during the night, and I've been feeling pretty good, so that is good.
I've been working really hard to get some stuff done before he comes...I've gotten my bag and Ava's bag all packed, as well as talked to my parents about what the plan is for Ava when I go into labor (they'll be coming to my house to stay with her anytime, day or night:)
I also went to the store and got what I needed as far as nursing bras, laundry detergent, and stuff like that goes, Galen has painted the room and will finish up with that tonight, and this morning... I cleaned my carpets! yay...I'm making progress on my to-do list!
So...now I'm just hoping that we can hold off labor until at least tomorrow night. My baby shower is tomorrow afternoon and I really want to go to that!
Anyways, that's about it for us...I'll let you know if anything happens!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday MARGE!

Wanted to wish a Very Happy Birthday to my friend Lisa (we all call her Marge). Hope your day is filled with fun and laughter. Love you much and wish I was there to celebrate with you!!!
PS...Happy St. Patty's Day as well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Update-36 Week Doc. Appt.

Okay, so...I'm feeling a little numb at the moment...just kinda shocked, kinda flustered...and here's why...

I'm 36 weeks pregnant this week, which means I have 4 weeks left till my due date of April 11. This marks the time when baby can come out fully grown, healthy and happy.This week also marks the time when I start going to the doctor once a week to check on the baby, hear the heart beat, etc.

So, I had my appt this morning with Doctor Palacio, nothing major, just going to hear the heart rate and that's about it (I wasn't going to have an actual exam till week 38 since I've had such a normal pregnancy)...until he felt my stomach and said: "whoa, this baby is really down quite low...I think I might need to give you an exam and see what kind of progress you're making..." This is when I start thinking...Progress?? What do you mean PROGRESS?? I wasn't expecting progress or to even start progressing for another 3 weeks...PROGRESS???
well, he did the exam and apparently this kid has moved down so far that I'm 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated...excuse me...did you just say PROGRESS?

Now, most of you gals who have given birth before know that this could really mean nothing, and that I could still hold off until my due date...except for the fact that this is my second baby, and my doctor said that baby boy could and likely come at anytime now...excuse me...what did you just say?? huh? what???

My best friend here, Sarah seems to think baby is coming this week (jerk)...she's convinced of this, and I'm out to prove her WRONG!

First of all, we are SO not ready for him to come yet. The room is nowhere near finished, we've still got to paint, and organize, and my mom hasn't finished the bedding. We've also got to get the carpets cleaned, wash all his clothes, wash the bedding, get the house cleaned up (I am definitely calling our cleaning lady for this one), get all the baby stuff down from the attic, figure out where we're going to leave Ava when we're in the hospital, pack Ava's bag, pack my bag, figure out what we're doing with the dogs ...and the list goes on and on...

I'm kinda freaking out cause everything that needed to be done we put off till after we got back from Hawaii...and now we're back...and now the baby could come at any moment...and now I'm going to have a heart attack!

So...if you're reading this, please just keep your fingers crossed for me that we keep him cooking in me for at least another couple of weeks, for my sanity:) I'm very excited to have this baby...but not looking forward to the labor (OUCH!!!! Seriously, worst pain you can ever experience...sorry to everyone who's pregnant out there)...or to all the sleepless nights. I think I just need a little bit more time to prepare...let's say, 4 more weeks!

Although my back is killing me and I've been having a few mild contractions...I'm just going to continue living my life in denial...and try to scratch some stuff off of my "to-do" list today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What A BIG Girl!

This week has been so great. I had been dreading potty training for months...not that Ava wasn't ready to do it (she's been going potty in the toilet and hasn't pooped in her diaper for over 3 months), but she really loved her diapers and everytime I put her in underwear she would scream and take them off or just pee in them to piss me off. I knew I couldn't have 2 kids in diapers at the same time (just WAY too expensive and annoying to boot), so while Galen and I were in Hawaii we decided that once we get home, we just have to do it, cold turkey, no more dang diapers...and it worked!

When we got back at home with Ava, I just told her that we didn't have anymore diapers and that she had to wear underwear or her vagina would get itchy (she hate's that, don't we all!)...and she did it! It's so funny how kids just respond to you when you explain things to them like they are adults...they really are much smarter than we think.
So, Ava has been wearing her "big girl undies" or "chonies"(Spanish for underwear) for an entire week now and hasn't had an accident!! I am so proud of my big girl, and maybe even more proud of myself for just doing it!

On that same note, we have also rid Ava of her "Binkie" habit. She has needed that stupid thing to fall asleep since she was born, but when we got home from Hawaii, we told her we'd left it at her grandparent's house and it was gone...she was totally fine with it! I was so scared we'd have a week of sleepless nights, but nope, she just went to bed without it and hasn't asked for it since...what a good girl:)

Anyways, that's about all the big news for us. What an exciting week I've had, HA! Bye for now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Congratulations Rina-Coffey's!

I've been meaning to post this since I've been home from Maui, but sometimes life just gets in the way:)
I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the happily married couple, Erin and Steve Rinabarger. I really don't know how I'm going to say "Rinabarger" without laughing every time, so I think I'll shorten it to Erin Rina, or Erin Rina-Coff, or something like that. I still think he should've taken her name and made it easier on all of us!

Anyways, many of you who were at the wedding got to hear my dumb speech, but I didn't really get out what I truly wanted to say..instead, being me, it was filled with dumb jokes about Coffey (how could I resist?). So, I just wanted to say a quick piece about how special she really is to me.
This is what I really meant to say:
Coffey has been my best friend since our Freshman year at WSU. We met the summer after high school at a party and instantly clicked. I was so excited when we both pledged Pi Phi's and knew I'd found a friend for life. We have so many crazy memories that I won't even get into, cause most people wouldn't even think they were funny, but I sure do. Anytime I think about something I've done with Coffey, I get a huge smile on my face...she's one of the funniest people I know, and whenever we're together we get each other rolling with laughter, I love friends like that.

I feel so honored to have been chosen as a Maid of Honor at her wedding. For those of you who don't know Coffey, she's got about a billion friends, and these aren't just surface friends she's met once or twice, these are true friends that she connects with and talks to on a regular basis. She talks about every one of them constantly, and I feel like I know them even when I have never met most of them in my life. So, it truly is an honor to be picked as one of Coffey's "best" friends to help her out on her wedding day. Even though this girl has more friends than God, I have to say I have never once felt jaded or jealous about it...she has such a way of making everyone feel equally important in her life...I really don't know how she does it...it's truly amazing and I absolutely LOVE her for that.

Coffey has always been part of my family, my parents and sister adore her, as do my in-laws...she actually attended my wedding 5 and 1/2 years ago on Maui...about a mile from where she was just married. She spent the week sleeping between my family's condo and my husband's family's condo...just as a part of our family, she fits in so well to any situation, and I admire her for that. I admire her for a lot of things, her generosity and thoughtfulness(best gift-giver ever...you should see all the stuff she buys Ava, and our unborn baby boy!), her ability to have fun wherever she is and whoever she's with, her photography skills, her beautiful hair (sorry, had to sneak that one in...)... she's such a great friend, and I don't know what I would do without her in my life. I want to also thank Steve for making my best friend so happy. He just married the most wonderful person in the world (he's not so bad himself), and I hope he always remembers that.
Anyway, I could go on forever, but think I should probably stop in the love-confessing for now. Congrats again, thank you so much for including me, and I love you dearly!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

What A Difference 10 Months Can Make!

Okay, we're back from Maui, and had a complete blast! Coffey's wedding was gorgeous, she was beautiful and it was such a fun trip. So fun spending time with friends in the sun, who could ask for a better vacation then that...well, I guess I would've wanted to not be pregnant so I could share in the Lava-Flow and Mai-Ti love. It was hard being away from Ava for that long, but well worth the relaxation we got. Unfortunately, Galen and I have both come down with terrible colds (my 3rd this winter, yuck!), and now Ava has caught it, hopefully we'll all feel better very soon.

I was going through my pics the other night and realized I had almost the same pic (sans Ava) from our trip to Maui last May for Jason and Jessie (Brashen) Blyth's wedding. We'd obviously been in the sun a bit longer in the first pic...we're a little pasty in the second one as it was our first day but don't worry, we're both plenty tan and it feels so good!! I'm wearing the same swimsuit and both photos and I think Galen is in the same trunks too. Isn't it CRAZY how BIG I've gotten???

I'll be posting more pics of the wedding soon, just thought this was funny! Hope everyone has a great weekend...we'll just be recovering from the fun trip and from our colds.