Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Bye Bend

I am so happy it's Friday! Galen and I (but especially Galen) have had such a busy past couple of weeks doing stuff for the company and getting ready to get out of here for vacation, it's so nice to know we won't have to do anything for the next 10 days (unless of course, a client calls or something goes wrong at the office...Let's hope not). We're spending the weekend here in Bend, then driving up to Seattle on Monday to drop Ava off at Galen's parents for the week. Then we fly out Tuesday for Maui! I am so excited to go and just RELAX and, of course, to see my beautiful best friend get married to such a wonderful man:) My mom is almost finished making my preggers bridesmaid dress. We were so lucky to find the perfect color match and everything, phew! Hopefully I don't look too stupid, I always said I would NEVER be a pregnant bridesmaid, but oh well...I'd do anything for my Coffey...even be a "Matron of Honor" how OLD does that sound?
I made Galen take some more belly pics this here you go! I hope everyone has a great weekend and next week. I'll be blogging with Hawaii photos when I get back...Aloha!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Update-My Little Valentine:)

I haven't been a very good blogger lately...I feel like my entire family has been sick with this terrible flu bug that's been going around. First my sister came down with it and then her kids, then Ava got it and it turned into pink eye and an ear infection for her...then on Friday I came down with it and have felt HORRIBLE ever since. I haven't been this sick in awhile, and let me tell you, being sick when you're trying to chase a 2 year old everywhere is not very fun! Oh well, all I can do to keep my spirits up is keep counting down the days till we leave for MAUI! 8 days... Yay, I am so excited!
So, needless to say, we haven't been up to much the past couple of weeks due to this dang flu. Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful, we stayed home and Galen made us a wonderful steak dinner and we had chocolate fondue for desert, yummy! My appetite is crazy at the moment, I can't get enough food in my belly (this is not good considering I am leaving for Hawaii soon)...I can't wait to post some pics of me in my bikini on the beach...what a sight that will be...can anyone say beached whale??
Speaking of being pregnant, we went to the doctor today for our 32 week is doing very well and everything seems to be growing on schedule. He gave us the all clear to take the long flight to Maui, and I told him I'd hold him personally responsible if I gave birth on the airplane or during Coffey's wedding:) Hopefully nothing like that happens!