Monday, December 28, 2009

And To All A Good Night!

Merry Christmas 2009!! I can't believe it's already over. We had such an amazing weekend full of fun, laughter, gift-giving, and family get-togethers. It was so much fun to watch Ava really get into Christmas this year! The Blyth clan: Duncan, Faline, Jessie and Jason (we missed Colin and Kelley) all stayed at our house this year. Here are just a few photos from our crazy weekend!!

The family at my parent's house Christmas Eve. Ava, Miles, and the Vigeland kids all got to open gifts from my parents this night as the Vigeland fam left for the cabin the next day...
My festive kids with their festive grandparents.
The three musketeers. How cute is this?
Costume change. These gorgeous nighties are from Babbie.
Now the real fun begins...SANTA arrives at my parent's house!!
Strange...Santa looked suspiciously like our friend Chris. Nobody else seemed to notice, so I didn't say anything. The kids went CRAZY for him (so did the adults)!
Miles and Nonie having fun. We didn't put him on Santa's lap this time :)
The grand-dads in deep discussion about Ava & Miles' future careers as pro golfers. After a wonderful, loud, wine-filled Christmas Eve, we went home to our house where Ava put out cookies she had made and decorated for Santa, along with milk and a carrot for Rudolf. Ava and Miles went to bed (late) but our little princess woke us up bright and early (around 6:30) and found this under the tree...!
"JACKPOT! I LOVE Santa!!!!"
"I still don't love Santa, but all this wrapping paper is pretty fun to chew on!"
Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Christmas Dinner at our house. We feasted on crab (and more wine) and had an absolute blast. It was such a wonderful weekend, and hopefully Ava (and Miles, through photos) will have memories of this Christmas forever. I know I will!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
Listen buddy, I gotta be honest, I really don't like you. I mean...who the hell walks around in a red furry suit and fake beard and yells "ho ho ho" anyways?? I really don't understand your appeal. When my Mommy put me on your lap, I thought, okay, I can do this...then I turned to face you and saw the scariest person alive. Were you planning on eating me?!
You made me cry and scream for my life, and nobody cared. Instead, my Mommy and Daddy stood there laughing and trying to make me look at a camera...what gives? You give me the hee-bees. Please stop going around making kids cry. I know I'm supposed to ask you for something for Christmas, so here goes...Please, I beg of you...DO NOT come to my house on Christmas Eve. I never want to see you again.
Your (not so) Friend,

Dearest Santa,
I had SUCH a great time seeing you today. I was so excited when Mommy told me we were going to have a visit, and even better, take a PICTURE with you. Wow, I really am a lucky girl.
I have to say, I was a little surprised when we pulled up to the mall instead of the North Pole, but then my Mommy explained that you were just renting a space there in order to see all the kids in town, so that's cool.
I'm sorry if I seemed a bit forward when I first saw you and yelled: "Hi's ME, Ava!" at the top of my lungs. I was a little sad I had to wait in a line to see you...all those other kids can't be as important as me...can they? When my time finally came, I was so excited, I jumped right on your lap, remember? I was the one who told you about my new Christmas dress and my white tights and my sparkly shoes...the one who wouln't get off your lap after the photo was taken? I hope you were pleased, I really wanted to make a good impression.
Just in case you forgot, I really, really want a pink doll with pink hair and I want to call her Pinkey. Got that? Pinkey.
Well, I've gotta go practice being a "good girl" some more. My Mommy keeps reminding me that you're going to be really mad if I don't listen to her. She keeps telling me she's going to call you everytime I do something wrong...I wish I knew how to erase your number from her cell phone.
Well, It was great seeing you. Isn't our picture the cutest? Too bad my baby brother was crying the whole time. Just remember that I love you. I'll be looking for you Christmas Eve.
Lots of Love,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Farts and Boobies

It's hard to believe the things that come out of my daughter's sweet little mouth these days. Sometimes, I try so hard not to laugh I think I'm going to get a hernia.
Here are two examples from this past week...

A couple weeks ago, the family is at Costco and we're checking out. She looks at this lady and says to her Dad..."Look Daddy, that lady looks just like Nonie," and Galen says "oh yeah, she has brown hair like Nonie"..and Ava says..."Yes, but she has BIG, BIG BOOBIES!!" and points right at them. Galen's face turned a shade of red I hadn't seen before...and me and the "big boobie lady" just busted up laughing. Fast forward to this week...I'm at Costco with the kids, we're checking out and Ava see's "Big Boobie Lady" from afar and yells to her: "Hey, you're the lady with the BIG BOOBIES!!" Needless to say, everyone around us heard and laughed so hard. I told her that saying things like that isn't nice, but I don't think she cared considering the reaction she got from everyone, including her mommy.

As for the fart part of this post title, my parents came over for dinner last night and Ava was having some terribly stinky gas. After dinner we're all sitting on the couch and Ava stands up next to my mom on the couch, pulls her dress up, puts her bum in my mom's face and says...
"I just farted Babbie, smell my butt!" Now, my mom is a bit more proper than I am...and seeing her face at that moment was classic! Well, we all tried to hold in the laughter and tell Ava that what she just did was very inappropriate, but it didn't work too well. She kept trying to stick her butt in everyone's face for the rest of the night. Gross.

Guess we've got some work to do in the manners department!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look of the Week {Pageant Princess}

Today was my Christmas Pageant at school. My Grammy bought me a great Christmas Dress to wear this Holiday season, but I just wasn't feeling it this morning. I mean, every girl in my class would be wearing a frilly dress... I needed something REALLY great for my big debut as Ava the Actress.

This is what I picked out to wear, isn't it FABULOUS?
Then I realized it was raining outside, and you can never go outside without your rain boots when it's I traded in my sparkle shoes for my rain boots and put on my lady bug rain's very classy to match.
And this was what I wore for the big performance...
I did such a great job, remembered all the words, and sang and danced my heart out...
This was my big line: I am the donkey, soft and grey, I carried his mother from far away...
Bowie is the only boy in my class, although he is dressed very well, he isn't a very good actor and didn't say any of his lines...
Here's the rest of my class, although we didn't have an actual vote, I'm positive I would have won "Best Bressed" on top of "Best Actress"
After the big performance, my Mommy and Daddy were so thrilled with me, I got to eat anything I wanted for lunch...I chose cookies.
I think next year I'll wear a green tutu.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Picture Me Rollin' {My Tongue}

My mother is very jealous because Miles can roll his tongue and she cannot. This is his favorite sound to make, whether he's happy or pissed off... he tells us what's up with a "rrrrrrrr" I think he'll be an excellent Spanish student.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Drama Queen

Ava has become quite the little drama queen these days... the following video is just one example of the many fits I see every single day. I try so hard to ignore it, but sometimes I just have to laugh at her. Egging her on probably isn't the best thing to do...but at times, I just can't help myself! My mom says I was exactly like this at her age...if that's the case, I have the feeling I'm in for some major payback. Is it too late to say I'm sorry to my Mom for the way I behaved??

Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome To The World

Carson Stone Vigeland arrived yesterday, December 6, 2009 at 5:03pm. He weighed in at 7lbs, 20 1/4 inches! The labor and delivery went fast and easy. Mommy and baby are doing great!
We arrived home from Seattle last night and I immediately rushed over to the hospital, only to arrive minutes AFTER Carson was born!
The proud parents didn't have a name for him right away, but soon decided on Carson (a name Jadyn gave them. It's from the cartoon Clifford!) and Stone (for any of you who know my Dad, he has told you the story of how he wanted Jadyn to be named Stone... or...STONE VIGELAND (said in a very loud football announcer voice) if she were a boy, and then Jake...but it never came to be...Kylie and Ole settled on the middle name to honor my crazy father's wishes!) All I know is I am so excited to have another nephew to spoil and love!

Welcome to the world Baby Carson!
The Proud Papa holding his 3rd child
Big Sister Jadyn really dolled up to make a good first impression on Carson.
Big Sister with her littlest brother
The "Mommies"
Jake didn't care much for baby, but he really loved the hospital food!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The BEST Sound In The World

My favorite sound in the world is a baby laughing...Even better? Your own baby laughing x 2.

Don't ask me what game they're playing, but whatever it is they both seem to like it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Look of the Week {Sassy Stripes}

My mom bought me this cute striped dress last month...I liked it and all, but come was only three colors...I could not resist the temptation to sass it up a bit with some pink, green, red, and black striped tights...Please excuse the shoes, I about threw a fit when my mom told me she wouldn't run out that very minute and buy me some shoes with stripes on I had to settle for boring polka-dots. That woman needs to realize that one must sacrifice for fashion. I obviously didn't get my fashionista genes from her!
It's cold here in Bend, so in order to complete the outfit, I just had to put on my 80's inspired stripped puffy vest. This kept me warm and added even MORE great color to the ensemble. Simply Divine!
Because I'm such a caring big sister, I had to get Miles in with the fashion of the week too. Here he is striking his best pose for the camera, in his own sassy stripes.
Work it Miles, Work it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey Baby, Want Some Turkey??

This weekend was a blast...we had a great time hanging out with good friends and family, who could ask for anything better? Our best day? Thanksgiving of course!
We worked up our appetites with a bit of sledding Thursday morning. We piled the kids and the dogs in the back of the car and drove up to Bachelor where we met the Vigeland clan for some time in the snow. The girls (Jadyn and Ava) LOVED sledding and flew down the slopes with no fear much so that I thought about going to buy them helmets (then Galen called me paranoid so I didn't).
I think they may have hit a bump right when I took this, look at Galen's face! ha.
Miles getting in on the action.
Ole carted all 3 of these crazy kids to the bathroom. Guess he was training for when they have their next one!
After a morning of fun, we came back home for a nap and some cooking (this year we made the pie, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes). Then headed over to Babbie and Papa's for dinner. Ava got herself all dolled up for the occasion...
We had a blast at my parent's house..eating WAY too much and drinking copious amounts of wine (except for this girl...she's due any day now)...
Ready to eat some FOOD!
Our wonderful Host and Hostess with their prized bird.
CHEERS! These kids didn't eat much, but drank a ton of the sparkling cider. Miles on the other hand, ate all of his turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce all blended up together (Gag!) he loved the stuff!
Dude, I'm stuffed. Time for a nap.
The girls doing a dance routine, some after dinner entertainment.
Good Night!
The kids (except for Miles) ended up staying awake till about 11:30~! And the adults kept the party going till around 2AM. It was such a fun night, but I think we all paid for it the next day!! Having kids and being hungover=Not so much fun!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Look of the Week {Neck-alicioius}

Can't decide what to wear for your play date with your cute next-door neighbor boy?
Don't worry, I've got the answer...Make a statement with lots-o-necklaces!! This "piled on look" is all the rave in Hollywood these days, so why not create this for yourself?

If a bright colored patterned dress isn't doing it for you, glam yourself up with accessories galore!
It's easy, just grab your mommy's shoe box of old jewelry and put EVERYTHING on. I promise you'll be the envy of every preschooler on your block.
Warning: All of these necklaces can weigh you down, and you may need to discard a bunch of these mid play-date. If this happens, be sure to have your mommy help you take them off, or you'll end up getting them all stuck in your hair like I did, ouch!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puppy Love

A Boy And His Dog
Bottle Protector
Jungle Gym

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Visit With Auntie Jessie

Last Thursday and Friday we were lucky enough to have Jessie come to Bend on business. I don't know who has more fun, the kids with her or Jessie with the kids. I think we have a future mommy on our hands, I'd be willing to bet they start popping out kids in the next year or so. Hurry it up guys!
Mommy in training...doing the early morning feed for me!
Best Buddies

Monday, November 16, 2009

Look of the Week {Red Rocks}

No, I'm not turning this into a fashion blog, I'll leave that up to the pros...but, inspired by Ava getting so glammed up each day in a new "eccentric" fashion, I've decided to do a weekly post called Ava's "Look of the Week." Here goes:

According to all the fashion mags, bright colors are in this season, so Ava suggests wearing a bright colored tutu and leggings for that pop of color. Then match that up with any dingy sweatshirt and be sure not to brush your hair to give you that
"Just Escaped from the Insane Asylum" look.

This look is great for trips to Costco and the drug store with Mom. It can also be paired with a pair of snow boots and a rain jacket for those cold winter days. I just love the comments I get from all the people in the store, they love me, they REALLY love me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

She's Baaaack!

For awhile there I thought Ava's obsession with dressing herself had gone by the wayside, but for the past couple weeks, she's been at it again in full force. She went to school in this last week, and I told her teacher to get ready to see the "real Ava"...I think she looks so cute...just look at that pose!
Mr. Miles is doing great as always. This is his favorite face to make, he loves to suck on his lower lip. The alligator is his new best friend. He has to have it whenever he sleeps, loves to chew on it's tail. I guess it's better than than a binkie like Ava had!