Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ava had some professional photos taken with her cousins the other day. Here are Jake, Jadyn and little cuties!

Baby Update

Hello, hello. I've realized I am a very bad blogger...I don't write everyday like everyone else...I'll blame that on my laziness from being pregnant:)
Wanted to give an update on our new little one growing in my belly. We went to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound because they wanted to make sure we have my due date correct. Well, instead of being 8 along like we originally thought, it turns out I'm 10 weeks or maybe even further...yay! Baby is doing great and moving around like crazy, so that's good. My due date is now April 11.
Today, I've actually felt pretty good. I haven't been as nauseated as I was last week, so that's really nice. I have, however, been eating anything in my path...bagels, pasta, rice, I even crave McDonald's, so gross! Oh well, I figure if it keeps me from feeling sick, I'll just eat the pregnancy away and hope I can lose the weight afterwards!
We're hoping we can still make it to Coffey's wedding as long as I don't have any complications in the mean time...I'll just be a big FAT bridesmaid! We're going to insure our tickets just in case something happens and I can't go..I'm so excited for Maui, it will be nice to have a vacation right before baby is due...thanks Coffey:)
Well, that's about all for now. We're headed to Seattle this weekend for my HS Reunion and then the Seahawks game on Sunday, should be fun:)