Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this year. We've been busy, but have had so much fun. Between office Christmas parties, snow days, get-togethers, dinners and Christmas shopping, I have no idea where this month went!
This year, we celebrated with my family the Sunday before Christmas here in Bend. It was a blast, we ate crab (my favorite) and opened presents...we got SPOILED as usual, thanks so much Mom and Dad.
On the 22nd, we headed up to Seattle to stay with Galen's family for the Holiday. We loaded the car with all our gifts and both was pretty full. It had snowed a bunch the night before and we were concerned we wouldn't be able to make it, but we got there just fine, and only an hour more than our usual trip. It was so fun to spend time with the family and friends, even though I had a terrible cold the entire trip. We were once again very SPOILED on Christmas day from the Blyths. I swear, Galen and I have the best parents in the world...thanks so much for everything! Here are a few pics from this month...I was really bad about taking pics this Christmas...oops!

Ava in her new hat from my friend Honore, isn't it cute!

Ava in her pretty dress before Galen's office Christmas party at our house.

Sledding with Dad

We got a ton of snow the weekend before Christmas, so we decided to take Ava sledding up near Mt. Bachelor for her first of many experiences on that mountain. It was so fun to see her and Galen playing out in the snow with the dogs. I stayed at the bottom and watched...with my latte in hand. Ava LOVED it and kept saying "again Daddy, again!" I think she'll get a real kick out of skiing this year too!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree!

On Friday evening, we went hunting for our Christmas tree in Bend...we have been going to the same lot for the past few years, they always have the best trees for the best price. We were thinking of going and cutting down our own tree this year, but decided against that..maybe next year. This year, we didn't want a huge tree as we're leaving for Seattle in a couple of weeks, so we chose a much smaller tree than we usually get, it's cute, I love it:) I decorated the house with some decorations, but didn't go all out this year as we're leaving for the Holiday. But it looks cute, and Ava is VERY excited. She watches Frosty every day and every time we're in the car, we have to listen to John Denver and the Muppet's Christmas CD, it was Galen's favorite when he was a kid, I think it's totally annoying but oh well!! Anything to make the kids (including Galen) happy!

This weekend we also started Ava's big girl room. I painted it pink and Galen made her looks so good. I'll post pics once we're finished, should be in a couple days. Hopefully the kid sleeps good in her new room!
Here are some pics from our weekend:

Looking for the perfect tree.

Ava showing off her tree

We took this on Thanksgiving, I think it's a cute pic:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, since my last post, we've been getting much more sleep! Ava finally just got used to her "big girl bed" and takes her 2 hour nap and sleeps though the night, THANK GOD! I was getting really concerned that we weren't going to sleep well again, but I was wrong:) Just when you think it's getting really bad, things turn around, kids!
Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Galen's parents are coming down with his older brother Colin (Jessie and Jason can't come, they're doing Thanksgiving with her family). We're all going to my parent's house for dinner tomorrow night with my sister's family too. My parents just got back from a month long trip in Asia, so it will be nice to spend some quality time with them, especially my Dad, who's leaving again in a week for another long trip...I swear he's retired!
So, here are some pics of Ava I took the other night before we went out to dinner. I think she looks pretty festive in her little fall dress, hopefully she can put a smile on your faces:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, Galen and I are extremely tired today as Ava has decided she doesn't like to sleep anymore. She has always pretty much been a great sleeper, we just have to read her a book and put her in her crib and say good-night and she's out. 3 hour naps and 12 hour nights, it was great...until this weekend.
We went to our cabin this weekend, and while we were there, Ava climbed out of her porta-crib during her nap, and wouldn't go back to sleep. Then she did it again that night, and the only thing we could do was put her in bed with us (which is my least favorite thing in the world...I love my daughter and husband dearly, but when I sleep I don't like any disturbances, nothing touching me, nothing).
So...we get home from the cabin and I'm thinking it's just a porta-crib thing, nope. Sunday night she climbs out of her crib 10 minutes after I put her in it...then I put her back in and she fell asleep after I sat with her for 45 minutes, then around midnight she comes waltzing into our bedroom wanting to sleep with us again, augh!! We knew it was about time for her to get a big girl bed, so we've done that, and she's still coming out and wanting to sleep with us. It's actually gotten worse, now she wants us to stay with her until she falls asleep and if she wakes up and we're not there, she freaks and runs out of her room. So...she hasn't had a nap or a good night's sleep since Thursday. Meaning I haven't had time to myself or a good night's sleep since then either. I'm about to go NUTS!!!
It just makes me so excited to be having another bundle of joy to do this all over again...hehehe.
I have a parenting book that I need to fish out and read today, I've been meaning to do this for the past few days but have been too exhausted to do anything...if any mom's out there have been through this and have any ideas, please let me know. I'm just about ready to lock her in her room and let her scream for a few least that way I can get some sleep:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's a BOY!

Hello friends, hope everyone is having a nice Monday. We got my ultrasound today and found out we're having a BOY! I'm so excited, it was so unexpected. I don't know why I had it in my head that it was a girl, maybe to not be disappointed if it wasn't a boy...but it is!
Baby is happy and healthy and was moving all over the place. We're still due April 11. I'm so excited and Galen is ecstatic! I've been feeling him move for the past couple of weeks is pretty early to feel that I think, but since I already know what it feels like, it must be why. Galen felt him kick for the first time on Sunday, I think he's really excited now. That's all for now!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hate to get all political and all...but GO OBAMA!!! So excited for some change around here:)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ava's Halloween

Halloween was nice and uneventful this year. We just went to my sister's house and trick-or-treated with the kids for a half hour or so...Both Jake and Ava hated their costumes, but it was fun to see them get their candy, they were so excited. Galen and I didn't get much sleep that night as I think Ava ate a little too much sugar and was up most of the night, we all got about a total of 3 hours of sleep!
Here's Jadyn, so proud of all of the candy! She was the Little Mermaid. She likes to put on that costume and run around dancing and singing..."look at this stuff, isn't it neat, wouldn't you think my collections complete..."

Our little goblins. Ava is the bunny and Jadyn is a mermaid with Uggs on:)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello friends...I am so happy it's Friday today. Don't know why but it feels like this week has gone on forever. Ava is taking her nap so I've got some time to myself, yay!
Tonight we're dressing Ava up as a bunny and going out trick-or-treating with her little cousins Jadyn and Jake, then to a Halloween party at our friend's house. As most of you know, I HATE dressing up for Halloween, and I was so relieved to hear that we didn't have to come in costume. I know I'm a party pooper, but I hate dressing up. I was thinking of going as pregnant Britney Spears, but don't even want to take the time to do that. Why is it that girls our age always dress in something slutty anyways? Slutty angel, slutty nurse, slutty cat, whatever, it's gross...I'm over the slutty stage I guess!
Anyways, tonight should be fun then we're not doing a thing the rest of the weekend. I'm so excited...just sitting around the house in our sweats vegging out and doing some cleaning, now that's my idea of a fun weekend! My God, I think I'm turning into my offense mom and dad.
Well, that's about all for now...we get to find out the sex of the baby a week from Monday!! I'm so excited to find out...we haven't talked much about names or anything, so it will be good to know the sex and then pick a name and get the room ready:)
Have a very happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coffey's Visit to Bend Part 2

Coffey took some amazing photos while she was down here visiting. Here are some more that she took when Galen got home from his fishing trip and the day before at Shevlin Park in Bend. We had such a blast and are so happy that Coffs wanted to do this for us. Don't you think she should do this for a living??? Maybe actually get some paying clients! I am positive she can do it, and I'm so proud of her for following her passions. Love you Coffey!
This one has got to be my favorite, I love Galen's face in it!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coffey's Visit to Bend

For Coffey's birthday Steve bought her a plane ticket to come visit Ava and I (Galen is out of town on a fishing trip) for the weekend. As most you know, Coffey loves to take photos so we ran some errands and headed down to Drake Park which is located in downtown Bend and took a bunch of photos of Ava playing. The blue sky and colorful leaves were perfect for taking some pretty awesome pics.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ava at the Pumpkin Patch

Well, I've been told I'm a bad blogger, and I admit it...I've just been finding myself with no spare time on my hands lately. I'm helping Galen out with doing some stuff for our company, so that's been taking up much of my time as well as just watching Ava 24/7:) Poor little girl has a double ear infection and pink eye at the moment, she's been pretty grumpy for the past couple of days, but the antibiotics are clearing things up fast, thank god! Galen got lucky as he left to go fishing yesterday morning for the weekend, so he doesn't have to deal with our sick daughter...jerk:) The good news is, Coffey is coming to visit today! She'll be here at 7:30 tonight, I'm so excited to see her and hang out. She's planning on doing a photo shoot with Ava, so that should be fun.
Anyway, last weekend our friends Susy and Dan Weber came to visit with their 2 girls Addy and Eden. We had a blast, here are some pics we took of the weekend and at the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ava's Bday

Hello all. First of all, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Fitz and Trav for finally having little Payton:) I can't wait to see more pics. What a happy day!

As for my family, we've been pretty busy. Ava turned 2 last Wednesday. I cannot believe 2 years have already flown by. She has been the light of my life and Galen and I couldn't be happier with our family. We had a busy week last week. Lolo, Dickie, and Tristan came down on Tuesday to visit for Ava's birthday. We had such a blast with them taking the kids to the park and the guys went golfing lots, lucky them. Why is it that the husbands always think it's their right to leave you with the kids and go golfing? Whatever. Anyways...we had a fun time. Saturday was Ava's big Birthday Party. Galen's parents came down to stay with us for the weekend so we had a very full house, but it was a blast. We had about 26 adults and 8 kids for the was a beautiful day so everyone played outside and Ava had the time of her life with all her toys and her buddies. I want to thank everyone who came and donated to the KIDS Center of Bend in Ava's name. Also, thanks for the gifts even though you weren't suposed to give any:) Anyways, here are some pictures of the weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ava had some professional photos taken with her cousins the other day. Here are Jake, Jadyn and little cuties!

Baby Update

Hello, hello. I've realized I am a very bad blogger...I don't write everyday like everyone else...I'll blame that on my laziness from being pregnant:)
Wanted to give an update on our new little one growing in my belly. We went to the doctor yesterday for another ultrasound because they wanted to make sure we have my due date correct. Well, instead of being 8 along like we originally thought, it turns out I'm 10 weeks or maybe even further...yay! Baby is doing great and moving around like crazy, so that's good. My due date is now April 11.
Today, I've actually felt pretty good. I haven't been as nauseated as I was last week, so that's really nice. I have, however, been eating anything in my path...bagels, pasta, rice, I even crave McDonald's, so gross! Oh well, I figure if it keeps me from feeling sick, I'll just eat the pregnancy away and hope I can lose the weight afterwards!
We're hoping we can still make it to Coffey's wedding as long as I don't have any complications in the mean time...I'll just be a big FAT bridesmaid! We're going to insure our tickets just in case something happens and I can't go..I'm so excited for Maui, it will be nice to have a vacation right before baby is due...thanks Coffey:)
Well, that's about all for now. We're headed to Seattle this weekend for my HS Reunion and then the Seahawks game on Sunday, should be fun:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


so, this baby had better be a boy. I am feeling so much worse than I felt when I was pregnant with Ava...I haven't puked yet, but I feel like I'm going to all of the time, I don't want to eat anything, and I'm really grumpy. My poor husband must want to kill himself. Oh well! Now all of you people who were sick during your pregnancies can laugh at me with this one. I know I'm being a baby...but it's hard to feel like shit when you have a 2 year old wanting your attention...well, that's about all for my day today! Hopefully I can write again soon with some happier thoughts:)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Pics of the Family

Galen and Ava...Just chillin